What is Gubbing in Betting? How to Avoid Gubbing?

Gubbing in Betting

When participating in betting at large and reputable bookmarkers like W88, you will certainly see a few cases of betting accounts being gubbing. So what exactly is gubbing in betting? The explanation below from a W88 expert will help you understand gubbing and how to avoid gubbing in online betting.

What is Gubbing in betting?

Basically, the concept of “Gubbing” is limiting your betting account by a bookmaker, like W88 online. You will receive an email from W88 using the email you have actually stolen. Emails from W88 won’t mention the term, but out of all their jargon, the same message will get through.

When gubbing, bettors will no longer be entitled to promotions, nor will you be able to place Matched Betting as usual, as Matched Betting depends on these promotions. There is still another disadvantage of gobbing that bettors cannot bet more than $5 when participating in the W88 online bookie.

Why are you Gubbed from bookie?

There are a few different reasons your account might be limited (or gubbed). Whatever the reason, the essence is that the account is limited.

A fairly common reason is that you bet too much on Matched Betting and use multiple promotions at the same time. With Matched Betting, most bettors will win money from the bookmarker, so your account will be gubbed to limit the economic loss you bring to the bookmarker.

Another reason your account is gubbed is that the bettor has made too much profit from betting with only a small amount of capital. When the player wins continuously and wins big, the bookie will have sanctions to limit the player’s participation in betting.

The last reason is that the player uses 2 betting accounts on the same bookie. Although a player can cheat by using the information of a family member to create another betting account to take advantage of promotions in Matched betting, the bookie still has an IP check system. From there, fraud is detected and the player’s account will be gubbed.

How to Avoid being Gubbed by online bookie

Please refer to and follow the following betting tips to keep your betting account from being gubbed.
Betting with small amounts regularly across many bets, even on many other betting games on W88. From there your account is like a normal betting account, without causing major damage to the bookie’s finances.

How to Avoid being Gubbed

Small bets with capital from $5 – $20 when participating in betting. Although this small amount of capital won’t help you get rich quick, it will help you play steadily. Usually you should bet on major sporting events, the level is safe, not gubbed.

Place the right bet, don’t bet too big even if you know you will win the bet. When betting online, there must be a win or a loss so that the bookie does not feel that you are the problem.

How to get Ungubbed

To be ungubbed is a bit more difficult. Usually, you need to wait a while and play with a small capital of no more than $5 for the duration of the measurement. There is no certain time frame to bookie gubbed an account. It may be a month, it may be six, or it may never be that your account is ungubbed.

If your betting account is limited by the bookie and there are no promotions, then just keep playing and place your bet with the amount of capital within the betting limit set by the bookie for the gubbed account. Keep playing and show the bookmaker that you are trying to make the bookie profitable.

After a while, if you are sincere, the bookie may ungubbed your betting account and continue to let you participate in promotions. However, from now on you have to play betting more carefully as the tips mentioned above.


So with the above explanation about gubbing in betting, you certainly understand what gubbing is as well as how to avoid gubbing in betting when playing on W88 online bookie.

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