Valorant betting guide: How to bet on Valorant for beginners

Valorant betting guide

Valorant is a new strategy game that is gaining popularity nowadays. The W88. com bookie quickly updated this subject to its online system, and organized many events for players to bet on. If you still don’t know what Valorant is and how to bet on Valorant eSports effectively, then follow all of W88’s sharing below.

What is Valorant eSports?

Valorant eSports is an FPS game (multiplayer first-person shooter) formerly known as Project A, first announced in October 2019, in the new series of Riot Games – The creator of the game League of Legends.

Valorant appreciates the player’s tactics. An effective strategy will bring victory. Players can easily find, participate in predictions and bet on their favorite teams from anywhere with just one smart device.

Recently held Valorant tournaments

Pop Flash x Ignition

Pop Flash is the final event in the 2020 VALORANT Ignition Series in North America and also marks B Site’s first VALORANT event.

LVL x Ignition

LVL Valorant Clash will pit 16 teams from across Europe for a total prize pool of $5,000.

Valorant Champions Tour

Play out globally with hundreds of teams competing for dominance in their region. Each week, the top teams earn a qualifying spot at the Masters events, but diversity within the teams is lacking.

How to bet on Valorant

Winning Rules

The first team to win in 13/25 rounds will be the overall winner.

There are 3 ways to win each round, including:

  • For the Attack team, it was to successfully install and detonate the bomb.
  • For the Defense team, it is to prevent bomb action or clear all the established Spikes.
  • The winner can also be the first person who kills all the opposing team.

Types of bets

Betting on the winner of a match or the entire tournament

This is the most common type of bet. In 2 teams, you just need to predict the overall winner. It could be your favorite team, the team that regularly wins, or the team that has potential members.

You do not need to know too deeply about agent skills, weapon features as well as complicated strategies in the game.

How to bet on Valorant

Bet over or under

Here you will place a bet based on a previously offered value by the bookie. You rely on analysis and experience to see if the actual result will be more or less than the number offered by the bookie, and place a bet.

Outcomes included in this betting may include the total number of rounds per game, or the total number of kills per round.

In this form of betting, players must have knowledge of the game, collect a lot of information about the tactics of the teams as well as the professionalism of the participating members.

For example, the W88 bookie gives an estimate of the total number of kills in the round of 6/10. If you predict the actual number of kills is greater than 6 then bet Over, otherwise, if the number of kills is less than 6 then bet on Under.


This is a common form in sports betting to create fairness between unequal competitors. You have to predict by how much a stronger team can win the match against the opposing team or conversely, what is the maximum number of losing rounds the weak team will have in the match.

The odds

When betting on Valorant games, you will most likely see the odds as a decimal number (eg 2.773). Basically, you just take your bet and multiply it by the corresponding displayed odds, the value after multiplying is the amount you get when you win.

Example: You bet $100 on IVY team with odds of 2.773, if IVY wins you will bring home 100 x 2.773 = $277.3


Above we have shared with you detailed and specific information about betting Valorant on W88. com bookie. This is one of the most attractive and popular esports betting games. If you are an eSport player, specifically Valorant, do not miss the opportunity to win from bets after understanding the Valorant betting guide in this article.

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