What is a Patent bet? An explanation of how it works

What is a Patent bet

The Patent Bet is a form of multi-method pooling where seven bets are placed on three different selections. Patent betting is used by professional bettors to cover all potential outcomes in a match, and will be profitable even with only one bet. Let’s learn more about this type of Patent betting on W88 online bookie.

What is a Patent bet?

There are a lot of people who confuse and will compare the Patent bet with the Trixie bet consisting of four bets, this accumulator bet is slightly different as it is built of three singles, three doubles and a triple.

Patent bets are mainly used in Horse Racing betting on W88 online bookie, but W88 also offers Patent bets available on all sports. Patent bets are becoming more and more popular as you only need one winning bet from three selections to claim your bonus and profit.

This is also the main difference and unlike in Trixie and Yankee betting where single bets are included as well as doubles and a treble.

How does Patent Bets work?

Researched and developed by William Hill, this multiple bet method is one of a number of bets known as ‘all multiple bets’, you can also view Patent bets as a type of insurance if you miss your Treble.

Patent Bet

It is important to remember that only one of the selections needs to be won to make a profit on this type of accumulator as it contains single bets. Thus, you can return three horses with relatively long odds and still hope to get something back if one wins. However, that profit will likely be less than the original bet amount.

If you win all three selections then the potential profit from the Patent bet is huge. Players at W88 online bookie can bet this Patent when you have three possible outcomes that can be selected and placed either way. The potential profit of this type of bet is huge if all three winning selections are reached.

How to calculate winnings with Patent bets on W88 bookie

The simplest method is to use the patent betting calculator online bookie. If you want to calculate it yourself, follow the steps below:

  • If you’re using fractional odds, convert them to decimal odds by dividing the top number by the bottom number and then adding one. (For example, 2/1 becomes 3.0 and 9/4 becomes 3.25.)
  • Single bet: decimal odds x stake = refund (including stake)
  • Doubles: choose one odds x odds pick 2 = return (including bets)
  • Treble: pick one x pick two x pick three = return (including bet)

Disadvantages of Patent Betting

One weakness that W88 players say about Patent bets is that you must have the same stake for all seven of your bets. Therefore, you cannot use any other betting strategy other than complying with the Patent betting laws.

For example, you may want to place a higher bet on singles and doubles than on trebles, as singles and doubles have a higher chance of entering and trebles have much greater odds.

This means that your bet against the Right Patent bet will be double, so instead of a £1 costing £7 you will lose £14 if it includes choosing each way. Your stake will be a lot higher in Patents each way, but you will also have more chances of winning.


Patent betting is a way for players to make huge profits in a short time. However, it also requires you to apply analytical techniques as well as synthesize information about betting to the fullest extent. I wish you success in applying Patent bets on W88 login.