What is a Mug Bet? Definition of Mug Betting Strategies

What is a Mug Bet

When playing online betting you have certainly heard about being gubbed, and when being gubbed, bettors have to find a way to deal with it. Gubbing usually occur when your betting account is limited and prohibited from participating in promotions offered by the bookie. And there is a method to help you, which is Mug bet. So what it is specifically, also read an explanation of mug bet strategies from a team of W88au experts.

What exactly is Mug Betting?

At reputable betting sites like W88, when players apply tips to win continuously and withdraw profits regularly, that account will be gubbed. And those who gamble more for fun than actually trying to make a profit are called mug bettors.

Mug betting is a colloquial phrase used in the betting market for people who just instinctively bet without calculating the overall odds value to make big profits from the bookie.

People adopt the mug betting strategy because they don’t want to attract attention with online bookies, thereby allowing their betting accounts to be played continuously without worrying about being gubbed.

Strategy to apply Mug bet on W88 online bookie

You can fully participate in mug bets with the strategies below. Mug bets include:

Mug Betting strategy

Take advantage of the first deposit offer

To avoid being gubbed, W88 recommends that you make the most of the promotion for newbies at online bookies. For example, for the “bet $10 get $30” promotion, you can deposit $30 instead of just $10, so you get up to a $90 bonus but don’t make the bookie suspicious.

Bet on Premier League

For Premier League tournaments, W88 recommends choosing matches with odds of 1.7 or less. This is a pretty safe bet when it comes to mug bets.

Bet on football accumulators

When betting on football matches, you should split your bet capital to accumulate from 25p – $1 on 3 – 4 matches together. With a small bet you will avoid suspicion from bookies. In fact, many players apply mug bets with such a small bet, but the profit rate is up to 80%.

Bet on major sporting events

Major sporting events like World Cup, British Open Golf, Wimbledon are suitable events for you to apply for a mug bet. Your chances of winning will be higher, and you can also place a slightly higher mug bet than on regular events.

Change bet size

When applying the mug bet strategy, vary your bets from £5 to £20. For matches you have researched and are sure of winning, you can bet high, while others only should bet with small capital.

Experience applying Mug bet

Not participating in all promotions. Participating in too many promotions and trying to make a profit from them will draw the house’s attention and flag your betting account, leading to being prone to gubbed. Therefore, W88 recommends that you only choose 1 or 2 for every 5 promotions to participate.

Betting on certain sports is recommended. Consistently participating in mug bets on a few sports will keep your betting account in good shape and looking safe with bookies. W88 recommends you only choose from 1 – 3 sports to be able to regularly mug bet.

Limit participation to the maximum bet. There will be matches where you are sure to win when betting, but if you bet maximum then chances are your betting account will be gubbed. Therefore, you should only bet with stable bets that have been set out before.


Mug betting is considered a safe bet to help you protect your betting capital, and avoid being gubbed. Since then, when you apply this betting tricks, you can regularly participate in betting at online bookies. Hope the explanation of W88 online bookie has provided you with enough information about mug bet.

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