Football Accumulator tips to predict for players

Football Accumulator tips
Football Accumulator tips today

For players betting on soccer online, the Accumulator bet is one of the most preferred due to its high payout ratio. However, to understand this bet and apply it effectively, in addition to knowing the theory you must also have your own effective strategy. Learn more about football accumulator tips in the article below.

What is a Football Accumulator?

An Accumulator (also known as Parlay bet) is a combination betting option in soccer betting. This is a combination of 3 types of bets or more such as: Asian Handicap, European Handicap (1 × 2 bet), Over / Under. You can select any bet type to bet on your parlay bet.

Currently at the W88 dealer, the parlay bet is the type that most people choose to play. In the future, playing and understanding how to calculate parlay in football will be in vogue.

The basic types of football accumulator bets:

  • Mix Parlay.
  • System Parlay.
  • Combo Parlay.

Football Accumulator betting tips experience

It can be said that this is the type of bet that appears later than the Asian handicap, the European handicap, the Over Under handicap. But the parlay or Mix Parlay can help you play a combination of multiple odds at the same time. It could be 3 bets, 4 bets, 5 bets or even more.

In that combination, there is the Asian handicap, the Over Under, the European bet, the Hong Kong handicap, the Indo handicap, the Malay handicap. And not only football, but this Accumulator bet can also be applied in many other sports.

Anyone who is new to playing without experience playing football accumulator should learn and practice strategies while playing. The profits from playing football accumulator are very large, along with exponential win rates.

Here are the ways to play Football Accumulator effectively wins through shared experience as follows:

Gain knowledge from advanced players for better Accumulator betting experience. Thanks to these valuable shares, you will increase your winnings, limit the risk to the lowest level. This is something every gamer wants to have.

Should play accumulator in games with a high win rate. You decide to bet on this type of bet, it takes a lot of research; When there is a disadvantage in multiple matches, it is difficult to predict winning and losing predictions of matches within an hourly frame. But taking part in football betting in a single match will help you concentrate more on analyzing the course of the match in order to make an accurate judgment.

Follow betting tips don’t be greedy to play too many bets at multiple matches. If you play football accumulator in many different games, it will increase its difficulty. At this point you will easily be misjudged and lead to loss. For example: you play a match but 3 odds are Asia, Europe and Over. At this point, you just need to find out the information of a match and focus on it only.

Bet on Football Accumulator at the right time when you see a losing streak in some of your bets you should not continue with the parlay. Now you need to counteract your original judgment. This helps you to minimize the loss of your bet slip.

How to calculate Football Accumulator odds

European Handicap

Formula for calculation: Odd = Odds 1 x odds 2 x Odds 3 x…. x Odds n

For Example: You would place a parlay bet on 3 bets as follows. The amount you pay for this bet code is 100 $.

  • Barcelona @ 1.90
  • Real Madrid @ 1.80
  • Atletico Madrid @ 1.70

The odds of winning on winning bets are 1.90 x 1.80 x 1.70 = 3.4523. You can write the code for the 3-match Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, part of the game $ 100 x 3.2523 = $ 345.23.

Asian Handicap, Over / Under

Calculation formula: Odd = Odds win x (1 + (Half odds -1) / 2) x 1/2 (Half odds) x 1 (Draw odds)

For example: Information of 3 markets is as follows. Spend playing at W88 football accumulator of the house and you bet 100 $.

  • Barcelona 1 3/4 @ 2.1 (this example wins 2 goals)
  • Real Madrid -1/4 @ 2.05 (eg the match has a losing result)
  • Atletico Madrid -1/2 @ 2.0 (eg Atletico Madrid wins match)

Barcelona bets win, Real Madrid bets lose, wagers on Atletico Madrid win. The rest of the Accumulator is calculated as follows: (1 + (2.1-1) / 2) * 1/2 * 2.0 = 1.55.


Continuing to improve your knowledge of Football Accumulator tips not only helps you to win the football betting game, but also is useful when you want to bet on other sports. So read this article carefully, then join the game with online to apply what you have learned into practice. So you can quickly learn be good at football betting guide and judging the outcome of the match. Good luck after reading this football accumulator tips.