Techno Tumble Slot Review: How to play and Bonus features

Techno Tumble Slot

Techno Tumble Slot is a very interesting game with many attractive features for players to participate in slot spinning and winning. This slot game is currently available on W88 live casino so that players can participate in a trial play, and then play with real money to make a profit. Read the Techno Tumble review in the article below to understand the symbols and payouts in this Habanero slot game.

Overall of Techno Tumble Slot

Techno Tumble Slot is a fun and innovative game developed and published by the creators at game publisher Habanero. The design of this slot game completely ditches the traditional reel grid, and instead features a futuristic acrobatic design inspired by ball-shooting machines.

The RTP of this slot game can fall into 92.06%, 94.05%, 96.73% or 98.05%

Winning combinations in this slot are formed in Techno Tumble by balls of different colors, and they fall into space and land in clusters of 5 or more. The red balls are Wild symbols and they can substitute for other colored balls (excluding Scatter) to help you find bigger clusters and bigger prizes. Winning clusters must touch each other and with each spin you will find between 15 and 45 balls released.

How to play Techno Tumble Slot

With each winning cluster landed in Techno Tumble, you will trigger the special Cascading Wins feature, with winning balls removed and new balls dropped into the game area for more winning chances. With each win, the Multiplier will also increase by +1 and you will definitely have a chance to win a very high profit.

Green balls containing triangles should also be of interest to players as three of these trigger the free spins bonus round with the initial eight free spins and more when more Scatters appear. You will also benefit from the Extra Chances free game if you fail to win this round.

Guideline to play Techno Tumble Slot

There are two stages to betting in Techno Tumble. First you need to choose your ‘Bet’ from 1 to 10. Next, set your ‘Coins’ value from 0.01 to 20.00. You can use the ‘Max Bet’ button to go to the Highest Bet, but your Amount will need to be adjusted manually.

With the highest and lowest settings, Techno Tumble offers a total betting range from 0.25 to 5,000.00 per spin. This provides a lot of scope for coin players and tall players alike to enjoy.

The prizes available for each symbol increase based on the number of symbols touching each other. After 10 matching symbols, each additional symbol has a 10x bonus value. For example, 10x blue symbols have a maximum value of 90,000, 11x blue symbols have a value of 180,000, 12x symbols will have a value of 270,000 and so on.

Special features of Techno Tumble slot on W88

We already mentioned the Cascading Wins with Increasing Multipliers feature in the intro to Techno Tumble, but that’s by no means the only bonus feature in this game slot casino!

Free Spins

Land three or more green Scatter balls to win prizes of up to 5,000 and trigger 8x free spins with 4x additional spins being awarded for every extra Scatter in any position on a single spin.

If you don’t land any winning combinations, the Extra Chance feature will allow you to continue playing with a Multiplier that increases by one by the end of the free spins round.


While spinning, some of the balls feature glowing symbols. These are ‘badges’ that will award additional payouts for players when involved in a winning combination. The first badge is worth 600 of your credits, with every subsequent badge will be multiplying this value by x2.


Techno Tumble Slot currently attracts a large number of W88 players to join every day because of the fun it brings. The review of symbols and payouts of the Techno Tumble slot game from the publisher Habanero above has prepared you with enough knowledge to participate in the slot.

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