SPR in Poker: How to use this strategy to get better at Poker

SPR in Poker

If you do not know anything about SPR in Poker, in this article, let’s go to learn the basics of SPR in poker. The expert from W88world bookie will show you how the SPR strategy in poker is used to make your decisions easier to win.

What is SPR in Poker?

SPR is the ratio of the effective stack size divided by the size of the pot at the flop. SPR in Poker can also be considered based on the risk-to-reward ratio. The larger the SPR, the higher the risk. SPR stands for stack-to-pot-to-ratio. This is the concept that helps you to play better preflop and postflop.

For example you raise to 6$ in MP before the flop in 1$/2$ NL. An opponent called on the BU and both blinds folded. If both people have a stack of $100, the SPR would be:

  • 94$ : 15$
  • SPR = 100 / 15 = 6.3

Simply put, the effective stack size will be 6.3 times the size of the pot. SPR in Poker is divided into the following levels:

  • 0-6 is low
  • 7-17 is average
  • 17 and up is high

Important points to know:

  • You must use the effective stack size to fit into the formula. If you have $150 and your opponent only has $100, the effective stack size is $100, meaning you can’t win or lose more than $100 in this hand.
  • SPR Poker only works within the flop. The SPR ratio cannot be used on the turn or river.

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What is the use of SPR in Poker and strategy for each case?

By understanding and controlling the SPR in Poker, you can play post flop more easily.

SPR Poker Pot

SPR case

These situations are very simple to play, as it will reduce the number of post flop decisions as it has very little money to spend when the effective stack size is quite small compared to the pot size. For example you cannot float on the flop and check raise all-in on the turn if the flop is $10 and you only have $20 left on the stack.

If the pot size is $10 and the effective stack is $30, the SPR is now 3. If we bet on this flop and get raised, we’re mostly comfortable calling or raising all-in, since we are also not afraid of future bets on the turn or river.

Indeed, the opponent can still hold a better hand but the risk here is very low. We commit to this hand and putting all the chips in the pot is an easy decision.

Good hands with low SPR

  • Overpairs
  • Top pair
  • Bottom two pair

High SPR case

These situations can be more difficult to play (depending on what hand you have on the flop) because there is a lot of money left on the stack to play on the flop, turn and river.

If the pot size is 10$ and the effective stack is 200$, the SPR Poker is now 20. If we bet on the flop and get raised we are in a very tight situation, because we might have the best hand here but they are. We’re not really prepared to commit a lot of money with just the top pair.

If you play well in this hand on the flop, turn or river, chances are we don’t hold the best hand here. This makes it very difficult to play top pair like this example if the SPR is in the mid or high range.

Good hands with high SPR

  • Sets
  • Drawing hand is strong
  • Flush and straight are strong

The strength of different hands may be suitable for each case of high or low SPR. So, if you can determine where it will fall in a particular hand, you can consider how to play it preflop. Also, you can avoid bad cases by folding.


One of the main points you should note in this article is: “Plan from the beginning to put yourself in the most profitable and easiest decision-making situation”. And another point is that SPR in Poker will have a direct impact on Poker play online on W88world bookie.

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