Muck in Poker: Rules and Strategies to apply and Play

Muck in Poker
Muck in Poker: Rules and Strategies to apply and Play

If you are new to poker, you will probably come across a lot of poker terms that you don’t know. These technical words often appear when you play online poker or in poker manuals. There is a term that W88au experts will share about how it works and strategy in this article, that is Muck in Poker.

When is it called a muck in Poker?

Once the cards have been dealt and you are sure that your current hand is not likely to beat your opponent, you can discard or fold. This action is called mucking in Poker. So you can say “Mucking” is also an action like folding while participating in poker at online casinos like at W88 gambling bookie.

Accordingly, if a player places their cards on the discard pile, or slides their cards towards the dealer, their hand is considered mucked; and will no longer be valid during the current hand.

Your hand can also be automatically mucked if your bankroll runs out in poker when playing on the W88 online casino; or someone calls your turn and you run out of time in live poker.

Rules for applying muck in Poker

Look closely at your cards and observe how the rest of the players are on the table before you decide to muck. Even though you have a weak hand, think twice before mucking, especially when you’re in the river.

Never rush to discard a hand without analyzing the situation at hand, and do not underestimate the hand you have, nor should you give undue advantage to other players on the table. Wait for your turn and there may be special situations that you can take advantage of to force other players to fold.

Once the muck is decided, that hand is no longer active, and you have no right to withdraw the muck action you just completed. So be careful before making a decision.

The art of Mucking Poker on W88 bookie

Each player will develop a unique style of how they use the muck while playing poker. Common mucking strategies summarized by W88 experts are as follows:

  • Situation if you are the last player to act in a W88 poker betting round. After examining your hand and observing your opponent, you decide to ‘muck’. You can either face your cards face down and push them towards the dealer, or you can also face up so the other players know which cards you just mucked.
  • In a poker game, many players choose to show their muck hand in order for other players to give their opinion. However, experts from W88 recommend trying to put your cards face down. You definitely don’t want other players to know a lot about you, such as: Your poker style; situations where you can muck; The range of your poker hand; even a few pointers on your poker strategy.
  • It is important to choose when you want to show the cards that have just been mucked. This can be seen as a trick for the opponent to think that you will muck when owning such cards. In general, you should try playing a lot of poker games to get the experience of mucking cards to distract your opponent’s thoughts.

Therefore, the wisest thing is still to muck and face down the cards. And if you decide to show your cards after the muck, also choose situations where you can fool your opponent.

Just like any skill that needs to be learned to play poker on the W88 bookie, understanding the muck rules of playing cards is only one small piece of the puzzle towards turning one into a perfect player. While mastering the strategy and applying it leads to profits, it is also important to master the basics of the gameplay.


Muck in Poker is actually quite simple and easy to understand, so you don’t need to worry much because experts from W88 online bookie have explained it to you in detail. You need to play a lot to develop muck skills in poker masterfully.

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