Poker Bankroll Management: The best way to manage BRM

Poker Bankroll Management

Poker Bankroll management is the key to becoming a successful player on W88 online casino. Without bankroll management skills, even the best poker players in the world can go bankrupt. And here are some basic principles of Bankroll Management that are summarized and shared by W88 au experts for players.

What is Bankroll Management in Poker?

Bankroll Management” (abbreviated BRM) is the skill of managing, setting the number of buy-ins necessary to play Poker without going bankrupt when meeting the downswing, which every player will have to encounter. You should “play within your bankroll” with reasonable buy-ins; If you play at stakes that are too high for your bankroll, it’s called “playing outside the bankroll limit”.

Why is BRM Poker important?

The reason why you should choose your stake carefully is because of volatility. Volatility is a term that describes the ups and downs in your poker chart. If you play poker long enough, you’ll find there are times when you lose in the long run (downswing), not because you played badly, but because probability isn’t on your side.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough bankroll to get through the downswing, you will go bankrupt.

Every time you play poker, whether online on the W88 bookie or offline, you want the best chance of maximizing profits while minimizing the risk of bankruptcy, and that’s when you need your bankroll management.

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What is the right stake level you should play at Poker?

Pot limit and no limit Hold’em

If you play pot limit or no limit poker, the odds of safety for your bankroll are 20 times the full buy-in (100 big blind per buy-in). For example, if you want to play stake 1$/2$ (full buy-in is 200$) you should have a bankroll of at least 4000$.

Another way to apply bankroll management is to always buy up to 5% of your total bankroll before you sit on a table, that way you will also have 20 buy-ins.

BRM Poker Chars

Limit Hold’em

If you want to play limit hold’em, you should have at least 300 Big bets with the stake you want to play. For example, at stake 1$/2$, you must have at least 600$ bankroll.

Tournament games

Bankroll for the tourney is 40 buy-ins. For example, if you want to play $11 Sit n Go’s you must have at least $440 bankroll.

The above guidelines are just basic rules that give you the best chance of making money playing poker without going broke. However, there will be exceptions and substitutions to the above rules, based on how you play and a number of other factors.

Bankroll management for professional Poker players

If you really consider poker as your main income, the required bankroll will be larger than 20 full buy-in (cash game) and 40 buy-in (tourney). That’s because you will have to withdraw money from your bankroll for daily living expenses.

Professional players will need a larger bankroll. If you are constantly withdrawing money from your bankroll to pay for your living expenses, you will find that you will have to lower your stake from time to time.

If you play the shorthand you will find that the volatility will be much greater than 9 or 10 max, that’s because the blind rotation will be faster, you will have to play more pots, so you will become aggro and have to bluff more, leading to stronger volatility. Therefore, you should increase your bankroll by a few buy-ins to be able to withstand the variance.

There will be times when you will encounter the downswing as well as the upswing, when you will find that your bankroll is too small (meet the downswing) or too large (meet the upswing) for the stake you are playing.


If you want to make money from playing poker on W88 bookie, good Bankroll management Poker (BRM Poker) skills are indispensable. If you don’t have that skill, you’ve set yourself up for bankruptcy. However, also remember: Bankroll management Poker does not help you win money if you are a bad poker player. So always hone your personal Poker knowledge.

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