Simple and effective Snooker betting guide from A to Z

Snooker betting guide
Snooker betting guide for beginners

Snooker is known to be one of the most popular indoor sports, loved by many people of all walks of life, ages and genders. Today, like other sports, snooker can appear at professional online bookies like W88 com. Let’s refer to the most effective snooker betting guide.

What is a Snooker bet on W88 online betting house?

Billiards Snooker betting is a form of players betting on the odds and types of bets provided by the bookie for the Billiards Snooker game.

Snooker is a game that has appeared for a long time and has relatively complicated rules, especially for players who know nothing about this subject.

But once you understand the rules of the game, snooker is considered an attractive game and attracts players to participate in online betting at the prestigious W88 house.

Detailed Snooker betting guide on W88

Here is a detailed guide on how to play the latest Billiard Snooker betting for you:


Snooker is played through frames – usually the total number of games is odd. For example, a player who plays 3 games (frame) wins 2; 5 games won 3; 7 games won 4;….

In major tournaments, the number of games can be higher than 21 and the match can be up to several days long.

How to bet on Snooker
How to win and make money betting on Snooker

Frame (match)

Each game the opponent is awarded extra points when hitting a red ball into the hole and then another color ball of his choice (will play in the order of red ball – then another color – then red ball – other colored ball, …).

Note: The white ball is only used for hitting, absolutely do not let it fall into the hole. The case where the white ball falls into the hole is counted as an error and at the same time the opponent gets a point.

After 15 red balls have been put into the hole and there are no more red balls on the table, the player must put other balls of the same color into the hole according to the number of points for each ball. The ball with the smaller score must be played in the hole first.

Counting points in snooker

Maximum score of a regular Frame – 147 points.

In which, the yellow ball is the lowest (2 points), green (3 points), brown (4 points), blue (5 points), pink (6 points) and black (7 points) and each ball red is 1 point.

When the two sides tie, the players who need to get the black ball into the hole first, will be the overall winner.

Common mistakes in snooker that players need to watch out for

  • In a hit scored more than 4 points but less than 7 points.
  • Missed the ball you were aiming for.
  • Wrong order of balls.
  • When a ball is thrown off the table.
  • Hit the wrong white ball into the hole.

Popular W88 snooker betting types

When reading through this snooker betting guide, players need to know the types of bets available at the house. Find out below:

Match Handicap

Frame handicap betting odds. Here the main handicap is +/- 1.5 Frame.

Alternative Match Handicap

Frame handicap betting odds are in the expanded form, instead of the main handicap +/- 1.5 Frame, people choose +/-3.5 frame; +/-2.5 frames; -/+1.5 frames, -/+2.5 frames.

Total Frames 2-way

Over/Under markets are based on the number of games (frames). The match takes place up to 11 games, the main number of Over / Under fluctuates in about 9.5 games.

Alternative Match Total

Over/Under bets on open games. In addition to the main Over/Under bet of 9.5, the house will provide an Over/Under 7.5 frame; Over/Under 8.5 frames; Over/Under 10.5 frames.

Correct Score

Since this match has a maximum of 11 frames, the only possible odds are: 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5, 5-6, 4 -6, 3-6, 2-6, 1-6, 0-6.

147 Break In Match

Predict and bet that 147 Breaks will be scored in the match or not.

Highest Break In Match

Predict and bet on which player will score the highest.

Lead After 1st Four Frames

Predict and bet that after the first 4 frames, who will take the lead? Or a draw? (3-way bet).


From the above sharing on how to bet on Snooker from W88 snooker experts, you certainly have all the necessary information to help you be more confident when participating in this interesting snooker game.

In particular, in the process of playing bets, players must pay attention to refer to the odds from the reputable bookmaker W88 to find out the type of rafters and corresponding bet levels, suitable for their own abilities.

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