10+ Football Betting Terms & Glossary Explained for New Bettors

Football Betting Terms

Football betting terms are becoming more and more popular today when playing betting. Football betting is always an interesting form of entertainment, attracting a large number of players to participate. However, if you want to bet on football well, with a high win rate, you need to understand the basic betting terms first. In this article, W88 football experts will share the most common terms and slang in online football betting.

W88 Football betting terms for Asian rafters

Some terms about Asian handicap betting odds.

Handicap / Odds: the odds of betting on a match that the bookie offers.

Handicap / Asian Handicap: is the handicap rate.

Odds: Odds is the conversion rate to pay betting bonuses.

Over / Under: is a bet based on a given number of the dealer, that the result will be above or below that number.

Top door: handicap team, upper door team.

Bottom door: handicap team, bottom team.

Win Full: win full money or win all money.

Lose Full: lose all money.

Win Half: win half money.

Lose Half: lose half of the money.

HT (or Half Time): the time at the end of the first half (first half of the match)

FT (or Full Time): time of the whole match, the end of the match.

ET (or Extra time): extra time playing time.

PEN: penalty kick.

Running bets: Place bets while the match is in progress.

CS (short for Correct Score): bet on the exact score of the match.

Level to level bets: 2 teams play equally, no handicap.

Draw 1/2: The match is drawn, the bettor on the upper door loses half of the bet. Conversely, if the upper team scores 1 goal, the bettor on the upper team will receive the winnings calculated according to the handicap.

Bets 1 and 1/4: the upper door must win 2 goals, the bettor will win the full bet, and if only one goal is scored, the bettor will lose half of the bet. The bottom door only needs to be tied and the bettor will win the whole bet.

Bet 1 and 3/4: In this case, the top team must win 3 goals to win the bet, win 2 goals, the bettor gets half the money. The bottom door only needs to be drawn to win the full bet.

3/4 bet: If the match is a draw, the top team loses all bets. Win 1 goal, then the top team wins half of the money according to the handicap. Otherwise, the underdog wins the entire bet.

W88 Online football betting terms for European bets

Not as complicated as the Asian rafters, in the European market, there is no handicap. When betting on a match, players only need to know that the match wins, loses, draws, over and under. Some terms in European betting:

  • Odds 1×2 : European Handicap
  • 1: Bet the home team wins
  • 2: Bet the away team wins
  • x: Bet 2 teams Tie
  • 1x: Bet on home team win or draw
  • 2x: Bet the away team win or draw

European Handicap is calculated according to Odds Decimal.

Over/Under football betting terms explained on W88

Over, abbreviated O: The bet match result must have a total number of goals greater than the rate offered by the W88 house in order for the player to win the bet.

Under, abbreviated U: The result of the bet match must have a total of fewer goals than the rate offered by the W88 bookie, in order for the player to win the bet.

Other sports betting terms

Sports Betting Terms
Other Sports Betting Terms Explained

In addition to some of the common football betting terms introduced above, players should also be familiar with a few other sports betting terms commonly used in the match at W88.

Check Odds: analyze a match to find a bet with a high win rate.

Main football matches: only major, important, well-known tournaments (such as Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Euro, World Cup, etc.)

Pick: choose a bet or place a bet on a certain team.

Showhand: bet as much as you can, all-in your money.

Parlay bet: is a type of bet in online betting (Mix-parlay), using an amount to place many matches at the same time to reduce the percentage of losses, increase the percentage of winnings.


Understanding the above football betting terms will help you easily exchange and judge bets with other bettors, and also understand the analysis of online football betting by professional players at the W88 house.

Now you can W88 register reputable and start betting anytime, anywhere. Place your bets now!