Poker Positions – Explain the Position in Poker to an advantage

Poker Positions
Poker Positions Explained

Poker positions is one of the most important concepts in the game. But there are quite a few new players joining the game right now that are misunderstanding it.

Poker is a game about capturing and utilizing information effectively. In a table, every position revolves around the button. There are absolute positions such as SB, BB, UTG, MP, CO, BT. If you take advantage of these positions in poker, you will easily win. Read the article about Poker positions analysis from W88 online.

Positions in Poker on the 9-player poker table

Your poker strategy will have to change according to your poker table position. If the poker table is full of 9 people, the positions clockwise are named as follows: Small blind (SB) – Big blind (BB) – UTG (Under The Gun) – [UTG+1] – [MP ] – [MP+1] – HJ (HiJack) – CT (Cutoff) – BT (Button).

Poker positions explained divided into three main groups: Early betting round (Early), middle betting round (Mid) and late betting round (Late). The following is a breakdown of each position group in poker:

First place in the betting round – Early

These are the positions including the Small blind, the big blind, the next two sitting positions to the left of the big blind UTG (under the Gun) and UTG+1. According to poker rules, UTG is the first bettor in the preflop round.

This is a rather disadvantageous position because you don’t have any information about your opponent, UTG+1 also has the same disadvantage of being at the top of the betting round.

If you are in a disadvantageous position, you should only act when there is really a strong hand like A-A; K-K; Q-Q; A-K; JJ; KQ; Same A-Q or Call with low average pairs (2-2 -> 9-9) and avoid letting the opponent exploit information.

Position in the middle of the betting round – Mid

Mid position includes players [MP] – [MP+1] – HJ (HiJack). The player on the table sitting in this poker positions can play more hands than at the beginning of the betting round. Since there are fewer players behind them, there is no need to choose hands as carefully as Early.

If all positions in poker at the Early Round are Fold or Call only, you can play the Flop with relative Hands and Suited-Connectors (like 6-7; 7-8; 8-9; 9-10; 10- J;…. looking for opportunities Straight and Flush).

However, if the Early position starts Raise, you should be careful because as mentioned above, the Early position usually only Raises with very strong Hands.

Position at the end of the betting round – Late

These are the most profitable positions for both attack and defense when playing poker including CT (cutoff), Bottom (or Dealer). After observing all the opponents in action and getting a lot of information. You have enough material to guess whether your opponent is holding a strong or weak hand.

Unlike other poker table positions such as SB, and BB, the player in the Bottom position has the position advantage in all important betting rounds such as the flop, the turn and the river. You can comfortably bet with the weaker hand, do not miss the opportunity to get this position.

Convenient positions, play more hands

For ease of visualization imagine the % of hands you play as the chart below.

If someone plays cards where they play the same number of hands in all positions, it’s a failure.

Positions in Poker
Convenient positions in Poker
  • UTG: play as tight as you can from 3 to 8% hands.
  • MP: slightly increased by 8 to 12% hands.
  • CO: 12 to 25% more comfortable than hand.
  • BT: from 20 to 45% of hands.
  • SB: down to 10 to 20% of the hands.

Regarding the % hand, how is it determined, please continue to follow the articles on the W88 homepage. Knowledge will continue to be updated to you as soon as possible.

Advantages of Poker Positions on W88

BUTTON position

When you are in BT, you always have a position after preflop, this is an easy position to play and win prizes, so play as many hands as you can.

Position of SB, BB, UTG

When you are in the 3 positions above, playing the flop you are always in a position to act first. You are always out of position. So play very strong poker hand rankings or very easy hands in these positions. However, this is a disadvantageous position that you should be careful of.

Cut off (CO) position

This is the second best position in the table. In addition to the deal, try to play more hands in the CO position.


After reading this article about Poker positions, you may realize that position in poker is something important; but you may not yet fully understand its importance. Let’s play a lot of poker hands at the W88 dealer and then it’s not too late learn betting tips to draw conclusions. Good luck.