Poker Ranges: A Guide to Winning Poker Range Charts

Poker Ranges

Poker range is a relatively new concept to most poker players because if you played in a tournament ten years ago, you wouldn’t have heard the term used. But now, you’ll hear the term everywhere, and it’s rare to hear a discussion of hands without an idea of range popping up. Learn about the Poker hands range and how to use them to win at Poker at the W88 betting online casino.

General idea of Poker hands range

The basic idea of range is pretty simple. A range is the set of all the cards that a player can perform a particular action on. If there are many hands that a player can hold, that means he has a wide range. If you think he will only play a few hands, that means he has a narrow range.

Players can also refer to range as a percentage. For example, say you put your opponent to a range of 10%, which means you think he will only play with the top 10%. A 50% range means he could have played with 1/2 of the hands.

Classification of Poker Ranges during play

Balanced Range: is a set of hands that includes hands of all different strengths. Against a well-balanced bet or raise ranger, you’ll have a hard time getting him into a fixed hand.

Unbalanced Range: Weak players often have extremely unbalanced ranges. When they bet or raise a lot, their range consists entirely of very strong hands, with no middling or weak hands.

Polarized Range: is a type of unbalanced range. It has a range that lacks mid-strength hands, leaving very strong or extremely weak hands.

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Understand and use Poker hands range effectively on W88 Casino

Think about what your opponent has by using a very effective range of cards. Because it allows you to think of all the possible hands your opponent might have, not a fixed hand.

We use the hand table to visualize range.

Poker Hand Range Charts

This is the hand board. It is all the hands you can be dealt in a No-Limit Holdem. The letter “o” represents the offsuit hand. Like 6 of heart and 5 of club while “s” represents a suitable hand, like A of heart and 9 of heart.

We use this table as a visual representation of the poker range charts. We select the hands we want to add to get an overview of what the opponent might have. A range that starts preflop is one of 78 different offsuit hands. Either one of the 78 suited hands, or one of the 13 pairs.

When someone bets money on the pot, they give us information about their range. For example, let’s say someone plays 14% of the hand in the UTG position. Their Range will look like this:

Poker Rang Charts

And it’s written as [77+, A7s+, K9s+, QTs+, JTs+, ATo+, KJo+, QJo+]

In that case we can create our own range that we think suits the opponent’s playstyle.

Range is very strong before the flop in use to determine the value of your hand relative to your opponent’s range. Let’s think our opponent raised at UTG and we call on Button with 88. The flop splits [T ♣ 6♦ 4♠]. We face a bet and decide to call. What are the good turns for us? (Only when you understand range can you answer this question)

Giving up on placing your opponent on a fixed hand, instead thinking about the hands they might have will help you understand your opponent’s play and make the best decision for your hand.


Using Poker hands range cards to think about hands and card situations is a step towards a professional in Poker playing career on W88 online bookie. The above article has provided you with full information about Poker ranges, the rest is that you have to practice a lot to be able to turn it into your skill while playing Poker.