What does Over/Under 1.5 goals mean? Explain tips to players

Over/Under 1.5 goals
Over/Under 1.5 goals betting explained

When participating in betting, there are many types of bets for players to choose from depending on their preferences and capital, and there are more types of bets to participate in. One of the most popular bet types is the Over/Under 1.5 goals betting. Let’s learn more about this type of bet.

What is an Over/Under 1.5 bet?

In all tournaments, all football matches taking place around the World, up to this point, there is still no 1-1.5 over/under bet for the whole match. From the perspective of the whole match, the odds of 1-1.5 over/under are very low.

However, if Over/Under 1.5 goals bet appears at the beginning of the first half, it is a different story, then the odds of the whole match will be about 2.5 – 3 goals.

When you bet Over/Under 1.5 goals at W88.com, it can only be applied in the following cases:

  • Bet on over and under in the first half.
  • The game has no goals. In the middle, at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half, the ratio of over and under has decreased to 1-1.5 goals.

When betting on over and under 1 – 1.5 goals, your bet ticket will probably win or lose half of the money, just like when betting over under 2 – 2.5 and over under 3 – 3.5 goals.

How to know winning and losing when betting on Over 1.5 goals and Under 1.5 goals

In case of betting on Over 1.5 goals

  • Win all bets: 1st half ends with a total of 2 goals ( 2-0. 3-0, 4-0)
  • Lose all bets: No goals scored in the 1st half.
  • Lose half the bet : The first half has only 1 goal scored. Explanation: Since the bet is Over and there is only 1 goal, lose the bet 1.5 goals and draw the bet 1 goal so you lose half your bet 1.5 goals.
  • Over bet does not win half the money.

In case of betting on Under 1.5 Goals

  • Win all bets: No goals in the first half
  • Lose all bets: 1st half is ≥ 2 goals or more.
  • Win half the bet: The first half has only 1 goal.
  • Explanation: Since you bet Under, you should win 1.5 and draw 1 goal.
  • Under bets do not lose half the money.

Betting experience Over/Under 1.5 goals tips

Over/Under 1.5 goals tips
Over/Under 1.5 goals tips

How to bet Over 1.5 goals

Best time to bet Over 1.5 goals: Bet on 15-25 minutes of 1st half or 50th minutes of 2nd half.

Features of the match to choose Over bet to win easily:

  • When both the home team and the away team have weak defenses
  • When one of the two teams needs 3 points to continue and have a strong attack
  • 2 teams with good scoring history
  • A strong team at the top competes with a weak team at the bottom of the table

How to bet Under 1.5 goals

Best Under bet time: bet on the 2nd half to be safe; Or 1 of 2 teams has scored, bet Under.

Features of the match to choose the Under bet easy to win:

  • 2 teams with good defense, for sure
  • 2 teams do not need to win many points to continue
  • 2 teams have similar ability to compete
  • The first half was scored a goal

Some other experiences when betting 1.5 goals

If you want to bet Over, wait for the first 10 minutes for the match to take place to observe the odds, when the over bets go down, the chances of winning good bets will be higher.

Playing Over/Under 1.5 goals soccer does not depend on luck, but based on accurate prediction, the odds of winning for players can be up to 80%.

For matches that take place in the balance of the first half without a goal, usually the second half will appear a goal.

Conclusion on betting on Over/Under 1.5 goals tips

The above are the guidelines for Over/Under 1.5 goals tips in how to bet on football that our experts have gathered after working with many leading experts in the football betting market.

Hopefully through this betting tips article, those who are new to betting will have more experience betting Over/Under 1.5 goals. The most important thing is that you are always calm, confident, and constantly improving your knowledge and experience to increase your chances of winning.