String bet in Poker: What to know about this type of action

String bet in Poker

Are you afraid of making a mistake when placing a string bet in Poker? Today, W88au will go with you to define this popular Poker terms and how to avoid making mistakes when playing.

Fundamental of string bet in Poker

“String bet” is understood as an illegal bet while playing live poker at the bookies. In essence, a string bet is a case of placing a bet or raising the stake but the player does not put all his desired number of chips into the bet in one motion, but instead makes multiple moves.

To help W88au players better understand “String bet”, we have the following betting example.

Let’s say you are playing Live Poker $1/$2 at any bookie, or playing at W88 online bookie. Now you enter a hand with another player when the bet amount is $200 on the river and it is your turn to take the next action. You should now be left with two “standard stacks” (20 chips x $5, totaling $100 per stack).

You decide to take the big bet with your hand and slide each remaining $100 stack into the pot in turn, bet $200 and play your best this round. However, in practice the method you use to place the chips in the middle (one stack at a time, not both at once) is illegal in casinos and is an example of string bets.

In this case, the action you have taken will only be charged $100 – the number of chips you placed on your FIRST bet will carry forward the number of chips.

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Types of string bets available in Live Poker

The Reach-Back

The Reach-Back is the most common form of string betting and is used by many new players. As in the example mentioned in the explanation, the player’s desired chip bet is not made in one complete motion but in multiple moves.

Usually with string bets of this type, they will first use an amount (or stack) of chips to move into the pot, followed by a second (or more) forward motion. Another possible scenario is when a player does not verbally announce “raise” before but places the forward calling chips first, then the amount that rises to the top (in a secondary advance motion). In this case, the action will be called a “call”.

The Drop-Down

The Drop-Down is where a Live Poker player can hold a stack of chips in their hand, then drop them one by one on the table (across the payline). In this case, only the first chip (or group of chips thrown simultaneously) counts as a bet.

Verbal String Bets

Verbal String Bets are very often used in Hollywood movies with characters saying, “I will call your $5,000 and raise you $5,000!” In this situation, they cannot claim a call first and then a raise later. Any foregoing action is binding. Therefore, if you say “Call”, it is a call, no matter what you may say or do afterwards.

If you say, “Bet 22 dollars,” or even just, “22 dollars,” that action takes effect and you now end up having to put $22 into the pot. However, since you have already verbally stated your bet amount, you can make as many back and forth motions as you want when placing your chip in the middle.

What to do with string bets in Poker?

Know the Poker Casino Rules

Some casinos allow playing by the forward motion rule. Other casinos play by rules; bets are made only when the chips have crossed the line of the betting circle around the table. Knowing which of these betting moves will help you avoid unwanted string bets and breaking the rules of the game.

Verbal declare

As noted above, always keep in mind that verbally stating your intentions about how many chips you want to bet will eliminate any possibility of a string bet.


String bet in Poker really does not bring you much benefit, but on the contrary, it can also get you penalized by the bookie when it finds out you are applying string bet. Therefore, the explanation of string bet from W88 bookie has helped you understand this term to avoid making mistakes while playing Poker.

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