Age of Asgard Slot Review: How to play and Bonus features

Age of Asgard Slot

Yggdrasil has been building an excellent reputation in the online betting game development market for many years. Instead of racing to release as many slot games as possible, Yggdrasil chose to focus on developing the quality of slot games. Age of Asgard Slot is also a comprehensively developed and attractive slot game. This review of how to play this slot game and the payouts below from W88 lite dashboard will help you understand.

Overall of Age of Asgard Slot on W88 bookie

Age of Asgard Slot is a unique dual-reel set-up slot known as the Dual Reeler feature. The top scroll is a 5×3 grid with images of powerful female warriors. The scroll below is also designed in the form of a 5×3 grid but is a symbol of evil. It can be seen that the top scroll is the good side, the bottom scroll is the evil side. When good and evil fight, the respin and wilds feature are activated.

W88 bookie players can join this slot game with very low stakes, only from €/£0.20 until mastered and can participate with maximum bets up to €/£200 per turn Spin the Age of Asgard slot.

The volatility of this slot machine games online is rated as medium, and the maximum bonus players can achieve is up to 2,444 times the initial bet. The slot game’s RTP is also at a respectable 96.2%.

Regular Symbols and payouts of Age of Asgard Slot on W88

Payouts start with the lowest paying symbols which are cards ranging from 0.2x up to double the bet. There are 8 of these, 4 on the top reel and 4 on the bottom reel crafted in an eye-catching rune style.

How to play Age of Asgard Slot
How to play Age of Asgard Slot for beginners

The 6 high paying symbols are the 3 monster symbols in the bottom grid, and the 3 hero symbols in the top grid. These symbols will bring a payout of 0.5x to 6x the player’s initial bet.

Features in W88 Age of Asgard slot (from Yggdrasil Gaming)

Thanks to their unique design, many slots on the slot grid have extras built on top of each other, such as the player encountering free spins that unlock the multiplier.

Wild symbol

In the base game, when spinning the slot the player can see both grids showing a golden warrior which is the slot’s wild symbol, and a mean golden beast which is also a wild symbol.

The first thing that makes them special is having a 1×3 tile size; the second thing to mention is that if they don’t cover the reels when landing, they can move up or down on their own to cover the reels. When these wild symbols cover a reel, they lock into place and trigger one more re-spin.

If the case is both grids are full of wildcards facing each other then they will Clash, bumping into each other and causing a bunch of random 1×1 wildcards to scatter across the grid. If a small wild is on a high paying symbol then the entire symbol goes wild.

Scatter symbols

If 3 scatter symbols appear on the top grid, or all 3 scatter symbols appear on the bottom grid, the two will now merge to form a super grid that will give the player 10 Free Spins fee.

However, in the event that 3 scatter symbols land on both sides at the same time, the Ragnarok Spin will be triggered. During the Ragnarok Spin, the grids also merge into a super grid, but the player gets 20 free spins.

In the event of 3 scatter symbols landing on one side, and 2 landings on the other, the Random Generator will be triggered. The wheel will give players on W88 slots up to 10 free spins or possibly a consolation prize up to 50x initial stake, or launch Ragnarok free spins.


Age of Asgard Slot is really a special and attractive slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming that you can now play on W88 online bookie. With the review of the slot game and the bonus features, it is sure to help you understand and confidently participate in this slot game.

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