Lucky Twins Slot Review: How To Play and Bonus Features

Lucky Twins Slot

Lucky Twins Slot is one of the most popular slot games on W88 Malaysia bookie that is well received by many players. With eye-catching ancient Chinese-inspired graphics, red colors and attractive game rules have brought great success to this game. To get started with Lucky Twins Slot betting, read the game review, bonus features and how to play Lucky Twins Slot in the article below from W88.

What is the Lucky Twins Slot on W88?

Lucky Twins is always rated as a simple slot game suitable for all players, especially rookies who have just known online gambling. The reason for saying that is because this is one of the most successful games researched and produced by the popular publisher Microgaming.

As soon as you access the game without placing a bet, you will see a colorful block of ancient Chinese-style graphics with a very familiar Asian style.

Moreover, the game design with 5 columns, 3 rows and 9 bet lines will help W88 players have many options but not too complicated. In particular, the betting rules and method of winning Lucky Twins are somewhat simple and fast, which is also a plus point to help this game quickly rise to the top right from its launch.

Detailed rules of W88 Lucky Twins for beginners

To play Lucky Twins, you just need to keep in mind the following specific rules and rules:
Choose to bet on 1 or more slot paylines with an optional number of credits. Remember to find out the value of the credit and the bookmaker’s betting rules before proceeding to the money.

How to play Lucky Twins Slot

After the results of the drawing are available, the winning amount you receive will be displayed right on the interface screen.

If a combination of symbols is won, the bonus will be applied to each turn separately.
In case a lucky player owns a gift symbol, this bonus will be combined with the winnings.
In particular, if you win by choosing the right row, that row will glow and vice versa, when you are unlucky, the game will automatically end and then switch to a new betting interface.

Symbols in Lucky Twins Slot game

As mentioned above, this game has 5 columns and 3 rows of special symbols designed by the publisher. To be able to start betting, you must remember the meaning and scoring for the symbols as follows:

Symbols in Lucky Twins Slot

Yellow cap

This is considered the most unique symbol in this entire exciting slot game. You don’t need 3 golden cap symbols on the same row to win. Simply land these 3 symbols in any position on the bet table to instantly receive a huge bonus.

The Golden Twins (Wild Symbol)

This is essentially the game’s Wild symbol and if you see them appear on the table, the twins will bring a lot of fortune immediately. This is because this symbol can replace any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination for the bettor.

The Fortune Cat (Bonus symbol)

Like the two golden girls above, the god of fortune cat is also one of the special symbols to help you attract fortune. If they appear, you will receive a much larger bonus than usual if you win with this symbol.

Gold Bag and Lucky Drawstring

Similar to the lucky cat, the golden bag and lucky drawstring also help you get a bigger victory.

Other symbols

In addition to the above symbols, there are many other symbols used in the game. However, they do not carry much special meaning because you only need to accumulate enough to receive the reward.


Lucky Twins Slot on W88 online bookie always asserts its position through a series of advantages as well as attractive high bonus rates. To be able to become a master to earn millions in addition to memorizing the rules and symbols, don’t forget to learn more effective tips every day.

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