Easy Strategy and How to play Power Blackjack (Evolution)

Power Blackjack (Evolution)

At W88 Casino there is a wide variety of Blackjack thanks to the amazing game creators at Evolution Gaming. The latest version from Evolution Gaming is Power Blackjack with a different and attractive gameplay. Let’s learn how to play Power Blackjack and superior strategies when playing Power Blackjack on W88 in the following article by experts.

Power Blackjack Introduction

Rules of the game

Basically, the rules of standard blackjack will apply in Power Blackjack. The participating players will be dealt two face-up cards by the dealer, and the dealer will be dealt one face-up card and one face-up card. And players also have 2 options to stop, or draw up to 3 more cards.

And the player’s ultimate goal is to beat the dealer with the higher hand. And 21 points is also the maximum number of points, if the player with a hand of 22 or more will be disqualified and lose the original bet.

And for Evolution Gaming is Power Blackjack, some separate rules also apply.

  • This is a multiplayer game against one, which means that all players play the same hand but can make their own decisions.
  • The dealer must have a hand of 17 or more.
  • The game rules allow pre-applied Double Down and Split pairs.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2 and Insurance pays 2:1.
  • All 9 and 10 have been removed from the 8 decks.
  • Players have the option to double, triple or even quadruple after the initial trade and upon split.

Easy-to-apply Power Blackjack Strategy

The most important thing that players need to keep in mind for Power Blackjack strategy is that there are no 9 or 10 cards in the deck. Many basic strategies ignore the element of this change, making it impossible for players to grasp an effective Power Blackjack strategy.

Strategies for optimal Power Blackjack play can be divided into 3 categories: Hit or Stand, Double Down and Split.

How to play Power Blackjack

Hit or Stand Strategy

Players should always play on hard 14 or less – hard means a hand with no strong cards – and players should always stand on hard 18 or higher. If your hand 17 or below is soft, it is best to hit but stand above 19 soft or more.

Splitting Strategy

The optimal Power blackjack strategy when owning that pair is to consider splits. 2 should only be split unless the dealer has a 6 – in which case, go ahead. Never split a pair of 5. You can split a pair of 3 but only if the dealer has a 6.

Never split Jack, Queen, King pieces. And for the Ace, it should only be split when the dealer has 2 to 6, or 8 to any of the face cards. Finally, if you have a pair of 8s, experts recommend that you definitely separate them.

Double down Strategy

Although W88 experts call this strategy a doubling down, this strategy can also transform into a triple or quadruple depending on the situation of the hand.

Players can choose how big they want to multiply their bets as they deem fit. This strategy when applied to Power Blackjack, experts advise players to always double the money in a pair of 5 if the dealer has less than 10. If you have a difficult 10, it is best to double with the dealer 2 – 7 but hit for anything else.

If the dealer has a 6 and you are sitting on a soft 15 or 16, you should double down. The same goes for soft 17 when the dealer is holding a 5 or 6. We recommend doubling down on soft 18 if the dealer has low cards of 2 – 6.


Above is sharing about how to play Power Blackjack from Evolution Gaming on W88 online bookie. Besides, there are effective playing strategies that players can apply immediately in this product W88.