Slots Paylines Explained: How Paylines Work in Slot

Slots Paylines

What are Paylines? Different bookies will differ in the number of paylines they offer, but do you know how they work and what gives you the best payouts? Let’s learn the article from W88 experts to better understand the paylines in slot betting.

What are the paylines in slot games?

Slots Paylines, also known with names like Betting line, Winning line, are paylines that have a combination of symbols to create a win. A slot game usually only needs 3 of the same symbols in a row to win.

Nowadays, the Payline in the slot game is not just a horizontal row anymore. Players can also have many chances to win by setting up hundreds of paylines of all shapes such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, ladder… However, the most common number of Paylines is still from 25 to 30.

Each Payline will give players different rewards such as bonuses, free spins (free spins), multiplies (reward multipliers)… In traditional roulette games, players will only have 1 Payline to wear. fixed, and with online slot games at the W88 online gaming, players have the right to choose as they like.

Note that the number of Slots Paylines does not affect your chances of winning. Simply put, placing a lot of money on Payline does not mean that you will easily win big.

Eg: With a slot with 30 Paylines, you bet a minimum of 0.05 per row and choose 30 winning rows. Then your total bet on 1 spin is 0.05 x 30 = 1.5. 5. If you increase your bet to 5 and choose 30 rows, the total bet on 1 spin will be: 5 x 30 = 150. Chances The win in both cases is the same.

So, it is safest to reduce the bet per row and choose to play all the Paylines on each spin. The less Payline you choose, the higher your chances of winning will be.

How do Slot Paylines work?

All slot machines will have the following structure:

  • Balance: the amount available in your account to play that slot machine.
  • Paytable: the table shows the shapes (horizontal, vertical, oblique,..) created by the symbols on the reels that you can win (paylines).
  • Reels: the part of a slot machine that contains the symbols and reels of the slot machine.
  • Bet per line: the amount that you want to bet on a shape for the next spin.
  • Number of paylines: choose the number of paylines that you want to play.
  • Maximum bet: the maximum bet, calculated as the number of bets on a line multiplied by the number of lines.
  • Play/spin: is the handwheel or button to spin the reels of symbols.

Slot Paylines Work

When you play slot games at the W88 bookie, knowing how to choose a payline is very important. Many slot games will allow you to choose multiple paylines and the paylines will be activated when you start spinning.

If you are looking for fun, it is best to keep the payline below 5, to keep the money you have. However, players who want to play progressive jackpots will tend to play as many paylines as possible.

Chances of Winning Paylines on W88 online bookie

When it comes to betting on paylines, you can outline a strategy that will help you get more wins. The amount of paylines on a machine can drastically affect your money, winnings and emotions.

Slots Paylines

The more paylines you play, the better your chances of winning will be. But keep in mind that the risk is also higher, you need to manage your money appropriately.

How to check the number of Paylines in slot games?

To check the number of Paylines in the slot, you just need to click on the letter i (Information) in the corner of the screen to see the number of paylines. Here you can also check various information like free spins, special features, extras…


Slots Paylines explained are not difficult to understand, but before placing a bet, you need to learn about them to be able to determine how much to bet. Hopefully with the explanation of what paylines are and how it works, you can be more confident in participating in betting on slot games available at the prestigious W88 bookie.

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