Heads Up Poker – How to play Heads Up Poker for beginners

Heads Up Poker
How to play Heads Up Poker for beginners

It’s quite common to have a lot of Poker players who are pretty good throughout the round but still lose when they get to the Heads-up Poker round. So how to play Heads Up Poker is the most effective, please refer to the article from W88 experts.

What is Heads Up Poker?

Heads Up Poker means you will only face one opponent. That is, if you want to become the champion of the major tournaments, you will not be able to ignore the practice of important skills of Heads-up such as grasping basic Poker knowledge such as poker odds calculator, Outs, positions, etc. And practice mastering different ways of playing, as well as having a certain level of professionalism.

Effective Heads Up Poker experience for newbies at W88

Limit limping at Small-Blind, at least not too often

According to the experience of the experts of the W88live house, instead of limping, you should either Fold or Raise. Not only will this save you from revealing your play later on, but it will also save you some money limping the Small Blind (in the long run, the Blind will increase), save it for limping when you’re in the Big Blind position.

Change the way to play through each round

W88 experts encourage you to play a small number of hands continuously, Raise, Bet (depending on the card with a reasonable number), then Fold the next number of hands while in the Small Blind position.

Then maybe it will be a “small ball” style to be able to more or less direct the opponent’s play. The important thing to achieve is to make it impossible for your opponent to capture your play. At that time, he will have to play more cautiously and passively.

You don’t have to play all the Hands

Most players often decide to participate with all hands in Heads-up thinking that it will confuse the opponent. You’ve actually made 2 big mistakes (unless you’re a very lucky person who consistently has strong hands…).

Firstly, this type of play will only help you win small Pots but make you lose big Pots. Simply because the opponent only needs to play when they have a strong hands in Poker.

Second, playing all hands exposes your playstyle. That’s because when playing Poker, you either have a Hand, or you have nothing. Playing every Hand in a row will make it easier than ever for your opponent to understand how to handle your situation with and without.

Take advantage of all factors that can put pressure on the opponent

The reason Heads-up Poker is considered a separate competition (there are many major tournaments organized only for Heads-up) is because elements that are not usually seen in normal matches will be clearly revealed.

Many players only have the concept of applying pressure with chips. However, this is completely a huge shortcoming. It would be easy when you hold Aces and Raise “crazy” without thinking, but is it as easy when you hold 2-7 offsuit and Raise with the same “crazy” attitude?

What’s different here besides Hand is the way you express your attitude and feelings. Taking advantage of all factors that can put pressure on the opponent will help you take the initiative of the game. Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Phil Hellmuth are not known for their Bet/Raise/Call but for how they use other elements to put pressure on their opponents.

Heads-Up Poker Nash Balance Chart

Heads-Up Poker Strategy
Heads-Up Poker Nash Balance Chart

In fact, things can be much more complicated when applying push/fold based on Nash Balance Chart when playing short stack. Players can limp or use bet strategies at different prices and a lot of people won’t follow the push/fold strategy of the Nash Balance Chart, and even if they did, they would just use it when the big blind is less than 10.

If you have a situation where a player is very tilting, they push all-in with a lot of hands, then your range to call all-in may be much wider than the range of the “Nash Balance Chart”. Once you have applied the Heads Up Poker strategy, your chances of winning will be very high.


To become a professional Poker player requires that in addition to knowing the rules of the game and how to combine cards, you also have to know how to handle each case that occurs on the Poker table, your winning rate will be higher.

Hopefully the article on how to play Heads Up Poker from the W88 dealer has helped you have more effective Poker playing experience. Good luck.