Thor W88 – Instructions on how to play Thor game most detail

Thor W88
Game Thor W88 for beginners

Game Thor W88 is one of the most popular Games at the W88 bookmakers thanks to its eye-catching graphics, beautiful icon-shaped interface; interesting gameplay, and high payout ratio. Let’s read the following article to better understand how to play Thor W88 Game. You will definitely want to play right after reading this article about betting games at W88.

Introducing Thor Game and Basic Rules at W88 Online

Introduction Game Thor W88

Game Thor is based on the character Thor of Greek mythology. Game Thor is built with 12 characters with 3 forms of side bets. This is a game created for the purpose of entertainment for people, so it is very well received by many players.

Actually the rules of the game Thor are very simple. You only need to pay attention to 12 bright symbols on the screen, and there are 3 bets in total. After placing the bet, the slot machine will run, if the light stops randomly at the box you selected, you will win that bet. It is quite similar to the horse racing slot game with coin cards in the slot game shops.

Rules of playing Thor game at W88

The Thor gaming table has no players limit, as many players participate in the bet at the same time at W88.

Rules of game Thor W88
Rules of game Thor W88

There will be 3 main colors on the table: Green, Yellow, and Red, located in a row. There are two rows of 12 symbols separated by Devils Lair and Dark Lord. There are 24 icons in total.

Players proceed to bet on 1 of those 12 symbols on the screen, or bet on 3 side doors provided by the house. Then the thunder god will proceed to fly around those 12 squares, if the light stops right at the bet box, the player will win the bet.

Types of bet in Game Thor W88

How to play the game Thor effectively, you must know the betting doors of W88 to properly distribute the bets to avoid the case of placing too much on a door with a low payout ratio that ignores other bets.

How to play game Thor W88
How to play game Thor W88

Main bet

A bet where players bet on 12 different character symbols on the table, each symbol will have a different payout ratio based on the house’s convention. Therefore, you need to carefully read the rules of the game and the scoring rules when playing.

Side bets

A bet offered by the house on Player, Banker and Tie. These bets also have different payout percentages depending on the time and according to the house rules.

The Battle of Thor

The battle will take place when the thunder god does not stop at any bet box but stops at Devils Lair and Dark Lord. At this time the battle of Thor will take place. If Thor wins, the player will receive a random bonus from the dealer according to the conventional payout in that match from the dealer.

Thor W88 Game Strategy

Although this is a game with an extremely simple way of playing, it also requires players to have their own strategies to minimize risks and increase their chances of winning.

Be careful when placing your bets

Placing too many bets makes players quickly no longer able to control capital. If you lose a match, you may not have the capital to continue playing, if you win, it is difficult to recover the lost money. Therefore, consider when placing a bet, a maximum bet limit of 3 is good.

Choose a reputable bookie

Currently, there are many fake bookies, providing poor quality Game Thor that makes players unsatisfied. Although choosing a bookie sounds simple, it is impossible to find a house that pioneers the prestigious Game Thor like W88.

Capital Management

Money management will help you know how much you lose, should you stop or continue. This will give you more confidence to bet on the doors of Game Thor. Because there are 12 different doors, if you put too much capital, you will quickly fail.

Attractive promotion when playing Game Thor W88

Because it is a new game, W88 invests a lot in promotional rewards to attract players. Our house has 8 games from special to lucky prizes. Normally, the prizes range from 888 bonus points to 18888 bonus points.


So we have shared with you how to play Thor W88 Game briefly through the above article. What you need to do now is access the Games section of W88 and proceed to experience this fascinating game series. Surely you will have precious moments of relaxation and besides, interesting rewards when playing the game Thor from the prestigious W88 bookmaker.

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