Formula 1 betting guide – How to bet on F1 racing at bookmakers

Formula 1 betting
Formula 1 betting guide for beginners

Formula 1 racing betting is currently the focus of search for many betting players today. Everyone has seen the F1 speed races and will also be fascinated by the amazing speed of each professional player. The Formula 1 betting strategy that W88 will introduce below are very important.

What is Formula 1 racing?

Speaking of F1 racing, this is a professional season of sports cars as well as a limited test of the manufacturers for the products they produce.

Low-riding, high-speed cars on exclusive racetracks is a sight that countless people are excited about and not everyone can afford to experience. The W88 bet has worked hard to ensure that Formula 1 online betting is fair to give players the most enjoyable feeling.

The F1 world championship race known as the Grands Prix will consist of a series of races and be held on a specially designed and built track. Up to now, the scope of Grands Prix is increasingly expanding and is regularly held in many different locations around the world. Each tournament will have 2 championship prizes for teammates and for individuals.

Popular types of bets of Formula 1 on W88

Unlike the usual betting games, the betting form in the F1 racing betting game is much more specific.

How to bet on F1
How to bet on F1 racing

Full bets

Full bets are the simplest way to place bets. In a simple way, when choosing Full bets, you only need to choose a match and a specific racer. Then place the amount you want to bet. If the person you choose wins on the track of course you also win and collect the money. This is how the majority of players bet today.

Long-term bets

Unlike full bets, long-term bets are not limited to a single race, but throughout the entire tournament. The first thing is to choose a driver or a team that you think has the ability to win the overall game of the season.

This way of betting is quite time consuming as you will have to wait for the season to be completely over. However, there is a rather special point that the odds can fluctuate and change significantly from season to season.

Strategies when betting on F1 racing from W88’s experts

Get to know your racer

Not only in races, but in everyday life, you also have to think carefully about what you choose. You can guess who are the high achievers and good ones when you look at the rankings but this is only temporary.

In F1 racing betting, just looking at the odds is not enough, you have to really invest time to learn about the driver you want to choose to get good results.

Take the time to watch the game and observe the racers

Just because you know everything about the racers doesn’t mean you’ll know for sure who will win this season. Performance is something that fluctuates up and down if the driver does not practice regularly.

Following the matches will help you understand the current ability and performance of the drivers. That way you can predict who has the most potential to win.

Read and understand F1 stats

F1 is definitely a data-driven sport. For you, the bettor, understanding track history, performance history and some other details will make you a more seasoned bettor on W88.

F1 is data-driven, just like the house edge is affected by things that have happened in the past. If you want any chance of success in F1 betting, go into the game and get as much relevant data as possible.

How to identify and analyze the match of Formula 1

Match analysis is important for all types of betting. To have Formula 1 strategy and analyze F1 well, you need to pay attention to a number of factors such as:

  • Observe the track to see if it is the strength and weakness of your favorite racer.
  • Observe the weather factor, based on the information provided by the bookie to make an accurate bet.
  • Compare the correlation of the two parties participating in the competition.


With the article sharing about Formula 1 betting strategy from the W88 bookie, I am sure that you have felt more confident when participating in betting on this game not only at W88 Online but at any bookie.

Hopefully, these useful shares will help you gain more knowledge in F1 racing betting to win many valuable prizes. Sign up for a new account today, join and learning Formula 1 betting guide.