How to play The Ladder Game in W88 for beginners

The Ladder Game

The Ladder Game is a newly released P2P game with extremely simple and attractive rules. The Ladder is inspired by the Korean game – Sadaritagi. The rules of The Ladder Game are very simple and the payout ratio is also attractive. Let’s dig deeper in this online betting game article below from W88.

Introducing The Ladder Game

In The Ladder Game will include 4 points: L, R, O, E . These four points will form a square, where L (left) – R (right) are 2 starting points, and O and E are 2 ending points.

When starting the game The Ladder, the starting point of the ladder will randomly start at L or R. Then move down to connect from the beginning to the end.

Players when participating in playing The Ladder need to correctly predict whether the starting point is L or R and the ending point is O or E.

How to Play The Ladder Game and Basic Rules

Types of bets in the game

When participating in playing The Ladder, you only need to pay attention to 4 main bets.

  • Starting point (Start): Players will proceed to predict whether the starting point of the ladder is to the right of R or to the left of L. Payout ratio: 1 to 1.95
  • End point (Goal): The player predicts one of the 2 ending points to be O or E and makes a bet. Payout ratio: 1 to 1.95
  • Number of steps (Legs): The player predicts the number of steps that will appear to be 3 or 4 steps. Payout ratio: 1 to 1.95
  • Parlay (Goal x Legs): In addition to the single bets as above, the player can also pool the bets together as follows: E3 (3 steps and the end point is E); E4 (4 steps and the end point is E); O3( 3 steps and end point is O); O4 (4 steps and the end point is O). Payout ratio: 1 to 3.88
How to play The Ladder Game
How to play The Ladder Game for beginners

Place a bet

The bet is also divided into different bet levels to help players have more options when participating in betting The Ladder game.

  • Level 1 (Lowest level): Minimum bet $0.5 up to $2.5
  • Level 2 (Medium): Minimum bet $1.5, max $10
  • Level 3 (Highest level): Minimum bet $2, max $25

If you are new to the game, we recommend that you start with the lowest to bet and gain experience for yourself and then gradually increase to higher bets to be able to win more money.

The process of playing a game of The Ladder

Step 1: Players proceed to log in to the reputable betting that offers the P2P game The Ladder.

Step 2: Based on your own judgment and analysis, players place bets on 1 of the 4 bet tickets mentioned above. During this process the game screen will be covered so you cannot see the ladder.

Step 3: After the player has finished placing bets on the betting doors, press “Confirm” so that the curtain is opened and the ladder starts running.

Step 4: Based on the results displayed on the screen and compare with the player’s bet ticket to proceed to pay the prize. If the player guesses correctly, they will be paid according to the bonus rate, if wrong, the bet amount will be lost.

The duration of a round of betting The Ladder

A game takes only 45 seconds, so this is a game that is preferred by many bettors due to its quickness and conciseness. Join today to immerse yourself in the game space of The Ladder chosen by many players.

Experience when playing The Ladder Game

For bettors, the first important thing is to control their capital to play long-term. Please choose a reasonable limit before entering The Ladder.

Do not play continuously for a long time. Although it is a game that is easy to understand and play, if you play The Ladder Game W88 for a long time, your brain will stagnate and misjudge, affecting your money.

Check the The Ladder results history regularly. You will discover unexpected rules that will help you win.

Do not choose to bet on one bet from the beginning to the end of the game, because this bet will make you lose more than win.


Thus, through a brief article of us, you have all the necessary information before participating in betting The Ladder. Knowing how to play The Ladder Game in W88 to help you be more confident when placing bets. Wish you win many awards thanks to the correct bet tickets.