Thai Hi Lo – How to play winning game Thai Hi Lo

Thai Hi Lo

Thai sicbo, also known as Thai Hilo, is a game that is loved by many players at W88 bookie. This game is developed based on the traditional 3 dice sicbo, but with this version players will have more betting options. To better understand how to play Thai Hi-Lo and win, please follow our article below!

What’s special about Thai Hilo?

This dice game consists of 3 different dice. W88au players will bet on the types of bets that the table offers. If the dice result matches the player’s bet prediction, you win and receive the bonus.

In general, Thai Hilo is quite simple, easy to play and basically similar to the traditional Sic Bo Casino game. The biggest difference is that Thai Hilo offers more chances to bet and win, so many players feel more comfortable and loved.

Popular forms of Thai Hi Lo bets on W88 Casino

Thai Hi Lo bets

In simple terms, this is how the total number of points will appear on 3 sides of the dice. This bet is considered to be somewhat difficult, but the payout ratio is high.

11 Hilo Bet

This bet is very easy to understand, the player bets the total of the 3 dice is 11. If the result is like that, the player wins. For example, a score of 3 dice of 4-6-1 respectively means you win.

How to play Thai HiLo

6 Hi Bet

“Hi” is a concept that is understood as the sum of the points of these 3 dice equals 6, you win. For example, the score appears as 4-5-6 (Result is 15), then you win.

Over Bet

You win when the point on the dice appears from 11-17. However, the points on these 3 dice must not overlap, for example 3 numbers of 5. The total is 15 but you still do not get paid.

Under Bet

Bets such as Over, the score from 4-10 and the score on 3 dice do not coincide. For example, the score of 3 dice is 3-3-3, the total is 9 (still between 4-10) but does not count as a win.

Strategy to play Thai Hi Lo to win easily

Know the rules of the game

Game rules are important for players to understand before participating in a game not only with Thai Hi Lo. If you bet Hilo 5x means 1 to 5, the return of the 3 dice is 11, you will win your bet x5. If it’s not 11, you lose your bet. Or some other betting rules such as bet 5, 6 Over 2x, bet 4 Over 3x, etc.

You need to know the details to understand what your next step should be. By understanding, players can easily apply calculation methods, thereby increasing their probability of winning.

Know when to stop

During the game, if there are several consecutive games that the player wins or loses, he should stop to rest and stop playing. Many players only need to lose a few games of Thai Hi Lo to start panicking. Avoid the case of greed to continue playing until you lose all your capital and even have debt.

Limit bets on bets with specific numbers

When playing Thai Hi Lo on the W88 casino site, you should not bet on specific numbers. In fact, this bet has a very high payout ratio. But it’s hard to guess, you have to have many years of experience to be able to play this way.

If you are a new player, start by splitting your bets to bet Over or Under. Gradually, when you have enough experience, you can bet double or triple. However, do not bet all the bets you have, you can easily lose big.

For beginners, it is recommended to bet on Hilo even though the payout ratio is 50/50, the probability of winning is higher than other bets. Moreover, it is safe, ensuring capital foHow to play Thai HiLor W88 players.


Hopefully our above article has helped players understand more about the Thai Hi Lo game at W88 online bookie. In general, Thai Hi Lo is quite simple, the probability of winning is high, if you are someone who knows how to analyze, calculate and bet reasonable money, it will definitely bring a lot of profit.

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