How to play Sic Bo online – Ways to win the rules of Sicbo

Sic Bo online
How to play Sic Bo online casino game

Currently, there are many online casino games at the house for players to choose from. And among those countless games, playing Sicbo is still loved by many players, especially Asian countries. The Sic Bo game, also known as Over Under bet, is actually a betting game by using dice. This game is no longer strange but still attracts a large number of players. However, not everyone knows how to win. The following shares for readers about how to play Sic Bo online will help players better understand this game.

Introduction to Sic Bo dice

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated in ancient China. If you often watch Hong Kong/Chinese movies, especially historical ones, you will often see the scene of the 3-Dice rolling game at Casino casinos. That is the game Sicbo – aka Over Under.

Currently, the 3-dice game, Sicbo, is not only popular in Asian casinos. It is available in European and American casinos. And the world’s leading online casino is W88 Casino also has this game.

How to play Sic Bo online at W88 Casino

In each Sicbo game, the W88 bookie will roll 3 dice in a small box. Players will bet on the outcome of that roll of the Dice. How to play Sicbo is just that simple. But read on to learn more.

How to play Sic Bo online
Play Sic Bo online at W88
  • At the start of the round, a game board is shown with Over or Under options for each side at table Sic Bo game.
  • Place your bet on any bet type before the timer runs out.
  • At the beginning of the bonus round, 3 dice will roll and reveal the result.
  • Win if your bet matches the result.
  • Example: Member bets on Under than 5 USD. The result is 1,2,3 (6), member Win.


Sic Bo uses 3 dice. Each dice has a cube shape with 6 faces. The faces have 1 to 6 round dots, respectively, corresponding to 1 to 6 points. The result of each roll of the dice is the sum of the points on the top 3 sides of the dice.

Sicbo bet table

In Sicbo, there will be a table of bets with many different bets – similar to Roulette. You can bet on multiple bets.

For example: Betting on the total of 3 dice, betting on a specific number, a pair of numbers or a set of numbers. It’s up to you to bet on as many bets as you can. Of course, each bet box has a different payout ratio, depending on the probability. The following section will explain in detail each type of bet in Sic Bo online.

Types bet in Sicbo

Over/Under bets

Betting on Big or Small is the simplest and most popular bet in Sicbo. Over/Big wins if the total of 3 dice is 11 – 17 points. Under/Small wins if the total of 3 dice is 4 – 10 points.

The payout ratio for Over/Under bets is 1:1. That is, if you bet 1$, you will win 1$. The probability of Over or Under is approximately 50%, similar to the Red/Black bet in Roulette. Therefore, this is a low-risk bet when playing Sicbo.

Note, the Over and Under will both lose if the 3 dice have the same score (set of 3).

Double Bets

You bet on two dice with the same score. You can choose one or more certain pairs. From pair 1 to double 6. The payout for a double bet is 1:10. Example: You put 1$ in 2. The dice roll result is 2, 6, 2. You win 10$.

Triple Bet

As the name suggests, triple bet is where you bet 3 dice will have the same score. There are two types of triple bets. Bet on a specific triple from 1 to 6. Payout 1:180. And the bet will be any set of three. The payout ratio is 1:30.

Total Bets

You can bet on the total of the 3 dice. There are totals from 4 to 17 for you to bet on. The payout percentage of each total score box is different and is clearly written under each box. For example, a bet on a total of 4 points is 1 to 60. And a bet on a total of 5 is 1 to 30.

Strategies to know when playing Sicbo

Pay attention to the rules

Paying attention to the rules is also one of the Sic Bo experiences that you need to know. While playing online gambling, you should calculate carefully and observe carefully before making a decision for your next bet. Because, usually, online games will have separate rules because they are pre-programmed from the computer. It will repeat, if you observantly discover rules of Sic Bo, the winning rate is very high.

Apply the 1324 tactic

For Sic Bo bets, the 1324 strategy is also very effective. 1 3 2 4 is the ratio of the amount of the bet equivalent to each bet. For example, the first game you bet $ 1, the next game you bet $ 3. Next is 2$ then last is 4$. In addition, you need to strictly follow the betting sequence above for this strategy to be really effective.


Above are the super cool Sicbo playing experiences that we have gathered from the veteran Sicbo players of W88. If you know these tips well, you will surely eat the whole village quickly.

However, you should also note that the game is only for fun and entertainment, not as a place to make money and get rich, so keep the spirit of fun and comfort. So, learning how to play Sic Bo online will give you an edge over other opponents at the table.