What are Poker odds? Poker odds calculator & Poker probability

Poker odds

The game of poker is recognized worldwide as a mind sport because of its mathematical and logical elements. Poker Odds are examples. Poker players can completely calculate the probability of the next card in their favor. This article from W88 will present Odds and how to calculate odds in Poker.

What are Poker Odds?

Poker Odds is the percentage of Outs cards that appear in the next round. You already know how to count your outs. But to better visualize your chances of winning, you need to know what percentage of the cards appear in the next betting rounds. That’s Poker odds.

How to use a Poker odds calculator?

To calculate the probability of outs in the next round:

Step 1: Determine the number of outs.

Step 2: Divide the number of outs by the number of unknown cards.

Going back to the above situation, we have 9 outs as we know. The deck has 52 cards. In which 5 cards appeared (2 your trump cards + 3 community cards on the table).

That leaves 47 cards that are unknown and can appear on the Turn. In which 9 cards are beneficial, 38 cards are junk. So the odds here will be 38:9 ~ 5:1. Then the probability of ODDs showing a card in the Turn round will be:

[Odds = 9 remaining cards / 47 possible cards = 0.19 = 19%]

Once you know how to calculate Poker odds, your chances of winning will increase even more.

Quick Tips for Odds from W88 experts

In addition to the calculation above, W88 will tell you an approximate, simple and easy-to-remember odds calculation follow betting tips to win.

  • Probability of completing the waiting hand in the next round: number of outs x2
  • Probability of completing the waiting post in the remaining 2 rounds (Flop – River): number of outs x4

Example: You have a hand waiting for a straight double on Turn (8 outs). The probability that you have a complete Straight on the next round, River, is: 8×2 = 16%.

You have 1 pair on the flop and wait for a set of 3 (2 outs). The probability that you hit a triple on the Turn/River will be: 2×4 = 8%.

What is probability in Poker?

Probability makes even more sense when you are in a situation where you don’t know how to make your decision. Typically when the flop or turn has to split, you’re holding a draw. It’s a really bad combination when just one more card is left to become very strong.

Poker Probability

At this point, are you waiting to call to see what the next card is and you need to calculate the probability of profit on call in that case. At this time, calculating Poker probability is an extremely important skill when learn how to play Poker online.

What are Outs and how to Calculate Poker Outs at W88

What are Outs?

Outs are good cards that have not been dealt and if the player draws it, it will help improve the hand.

In Poker, there are many cases where you have a draw on the Flop or Turn. Typically, the post is waiting for Flush or waiting for Straight. You then expect the next round to turn up a useful card for a strong Poker hands. Those useful cards are called outs.

How to Calculate Poker Outs?

For example, in a situation where you have a hand waiting for Flush (4 cards of the same Heart suit) on the flop. Any more Heart cards that appear on the Turn/River will give you a complete Flush deck.

But how many such cards are left? The standard deck has 52 cards, classified into four suits Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club. There will be a total of 13 Heart cards in a deck:

  • 4 cards have appeared (2 cards to you and 2 from the community).
  • The remaining 9 base cards have not appeared (ie you have 9 outs – 9 chances to form a Flush deck)

Based on that result, you can see how many chances you have to improve your hand. The more outs waiting post, the higher the rating. That’s why we call the combination of waiting for Straight and waiting for Flush a super hand.


These are the most basic summaries of how to calculate Poker Odds, you need to know these probabilities well if you want to become a poker player at W88. In addition, different play styles must be combined to have more chances of winning. Good luck!