3 Card Brag – How to play Three Card Brag online from experts

3 Card Brag

Three Card Brag is one of the card games that brings a new and exciting experience to online betting players. So many bookies have put this game in the casino section to serve the entertainment needs of many players, including W88. How to play three card brag online? Let’s find out more details with the experts of the W88 house in this article.

About the game Three Card Brag W88

Three Card Brag is a very popular Poker game genre in Western countries, originating from Derek Webb in the 1990s. With the idea to bring an attractive game, high payout ratio should be Right after its debut at Grand Casino Gulfport in Mississippi, this game has spread all over the world.

Three card brag uses a standard 52-card deck (no jokers), each hand is shuffled before play. The cards are arranged in order from largest to smallest: A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2.

However, card A can be of both high value and low value. That is, when in Straight of A, K, Q will be the highest, and when in Straight of 3, 2, A will be the lowest.

When you experience and discover for yourself, you will go from surprise to surprise about this very interesting game. Therefore, do not rush to ignore any information content that we want to send to you.

How to play Three Card Brag online

How to play Three Card Brag
How to play Three Card Brag online

3 Card Brag is a card game that combines 2 games into one.

  • In the main game, the player will be dealt 3 cards, your hand must beat the dealer’s hand to win.
  • In the game “Pair Bonus” will only be calculated based on the player’s hand.
  • You can play both games together or each game separately.

To play three cards brag W88 like a pro, you need to know how to play. As follows:

  • Players place bets on the doors on the betting table: “Ante” and “Pair Bonus” doors.
  • After the players place their bets, the dealer will start dealing the cards. The player’s hand will be dealt 3 cards face up, while the dealer’s hand will be dealt 3 cards face down.
  • After the dealer finishes dealing the cards, the player will have 2 options:
    • Fold: If the player feels that the score of 3 cards is too low, there is no possibility of winning the dealer’s hand, he can choose “Fold”.
    • Play: Place a bet equal to the original “Ante” bet on the “Play” zone. Then the dealer’s hand will be turned over, compared with the player’s hand to determine the winner.

Note: In the dealer’s 3 cards, there must be at least 1 Q or greater to be eligible to play.

  • If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player wins the “Ante” bet and is paid 1:1; and “Play” bets will be refunded.
  • If the dealer’s hand is eligible to play, the two sides will be compared to each other to decide whether to win or lose.

The payout ratio of “Ante Bonus” is as follows:

  • Win by Prial: 1:5
  • Win by Running Flush: 1:4
  • Win by Run: 1:1

How to compare cards in the game 3 Card Brag

Card combinations in the game 3 Card Brag include:

High card

If the 3 cards dealt do not belong to any Flush or Run combination, the highest card of the 3 cards will be used to compare points.


Consists of 2 cards of equal value, the larger pair wins the smaller pair. In the event that 2 pairs have equal points, the 3rd odd card will be compared to determine the winner or loser.


Consists of 3 cards of the same suit but not adjacent to each other.


Consists of 3 consecutive cards of different suits.

Running Flush: consists of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.


Consists of 3 cards of the same value.

Rank cards from high to low, respectively: Prial > Running Flush > Lobby Run > Flush > Pair > High card.


Thus, playing three card brag at the W88 dealer is also very easy, you just need to follow the instructions properly. Plus learning about the game in advance is completely possible to win with confidence.

The most important things about the three card brag online have been shared with you in great detail, specifically by a W88 expert.

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