Fan Tan online – How to play Fan Tan card game & rules

Fan Tan online
How to play Fan Tan online

Fan Tan is an ancient Chinese betting game called 番 摊. The current name Fan Tan is taken from the pinyin (pinyin – phonetic) of this Chinese character. The game developed from the 3rd century, the South North Dynasty. Then gradually developed throughout North China under the reign of King Qin. Today, this game is no longer as popular as it used to be and is replaced by more modern games. However, in some casinos in Macau it is still present.

If you are a newcomer product of W88, looking at the table will be overwhelmed by the variety of bets with different names. Fan Tan has bets such as Odd, Fan, Nim, Kwok, Tong, Chun and Zheng. To better understand Fan Tan online, please read the following article carefully.

Fan Tan Card Game Rules

This game involves a large number of buttons, metal bowls and bamboo sticks. When the game starts, the dealer shakes the buttons and covers a certain number of buttons with a metal bowl.

Players choose the money cards to bet based on their prediction about the number of nodes inside the metal bowl. When the countdown timer is over, the dealer removes the metal bowl and uses a bamboo stick to group the buttons, 4 buttons each. The result will be decided by the number of nodes in the final group (the result will be 1, 2, 3 or 4).

How to play Fan Tan card game

Instructions on how to play Fan Tan online are basic and easy to understand as the player on the left side of the dealer starts by (if they can) place a 7 in the middle of the table. This Fantan game will continue in the clockwise direction. Player plays number 7 or builds on existing number 7. To do so, a card must have the same suit as 7 and have a rank above or below the card they want to play. For example if 7 of the Clubs have been played, another player can put 6 of the Clubs on it, while another player can play 5 of the Clubs over 6 , etc.

Players need to play a card if they can. If you cannot hit any of the cards on the table they must add a poker chip to the pot. Next, type clockwise on the table.

The first player to discard all of their cards wins money.

Explain some terms in Fan Tan

This game has a quite complex layout system but the rules of the game are quite simple. With Fan, Nim, Kwok, NGA, SSH betting methods and parity betting, players do not need to worry about losing bets in this game. The only thing to note is that players need to remember clearly the meaning of the following methods of betting:


Fan means betting on any number 1, 2, 3 or 4. There are 4 Fan boxes respectively 1 Fan, 2 Fan, 3 Fan, 4 Fan with the same payout ratio. If you bet on a fan and the result is another fan, you lose all chips. When playing casino, you can bet as many fans as you like. However, you should not put more than 2 fans because if the result is not the same, you will lose all 2. Or if there is 1, you will still lose. Payout ratio: Stake x 2.85


Nim means betting on 2 numbers, including one win and one draw. When placing this bet, you will have the option to preserve your chips. However, of course, when the win rate is higher, your payout will also be lower than that of the fans. Payout ratio: Stake x 1.19


This way of playing fan tan is a form of betting on 2 numbers, including one that you believe will win. When wagering these two numbers Kwok means you assume the other two numbers will lose. When wagering kwok on any two numbers, whichever of them comes, you still get a bonus. Kwok’s payout ratio will be lower than that of Nim and Fan. Payout ratio: Stake x 0.95


When you want to make a more risky bet with judgment then choose a RUSSIAN bet. When you select any NGA box, you have chosen to bet on 3 numbers. If either number comes in front of the prize, you win the money. If it is the 3rd number to open the bonus, that game you draw money. If there is one left you did not choose and the result retuns it, you lose. This bet is a combination of Nim and Kwok. Payout ratio: Stake x 0.475


SSH is arguably the safest way to play Fantan. Therefore, it is not surprising that its payout rate is very low. However, if you are not confident enough then choose SSH bet. The SSH rule is quite simple: choose the 3-digit bet that you think will be most likely to open the prize. If the result of the bonus opening is the number you missed, you will lose. Payout ratio: Stake x 0.32

Over/ Under and Odd/ Even

Most people know this method of betting because it is so common in popular betting. In Fan Tan, Tai is defaulted to 3, 4 while Under is 1, 2. Even is 2, 4 and Odd is 1, 3. Payout ratio: Stake x 0.95.


With the above instructions on how to play Fan Tan are played by betting experts from W88, I hope to help you play easily and win a large amount of money. During the game, if you have any questions you can contact W88 support. Good luck and enjoy the relaxing moments with W88 mobile.