How to play Deal or No Deal Live (Evolution) at casino for beginners

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live is a game inspired by the highly entertaining TV game show of the same name. This is a new type of betting at W88 bookie that players should try to experience even once. So are the rules of the game Deal or No Deal complicated? The following article will answer and provide detailed instructions on how to participate in this interesting game.

Introducing Deal or No Deal game on W88 online bookie

Deal or No Deal Live is a betting game developed by Evolution Gaming. When participating in this game on W88 live casino, the player has to predict whether the amount in the last pair of 16 pairs will be higher or lower than the amount given by the bookie before.

Deal or No Deal is inspired by the popular Dutch TV game show of the same name. The online version of the game at W88 is broadcast live with Full HD resolution, vivid sound, high level of drama and attractive rewards that have attracted a large number of participants to experience.

Rules for playing Deal or No Deal on W88 casino

Conditions of participation

To participate in the Deal or No Deal game, the player must first meet the following conditions:

  • Spin the wheel to qualify, including 3 spins (some segments on the wheel are painted yellow).
  • Place a bet and spin the wheel so that the yellow paint segments are aligned to the top end of the wheel. The fee of a spin corresponds to the bet the player has chosen.

To further increase their chances of qualifying for the next round, bettors can buy more spins. The yellow paint segments on previously purchased wheels will automatically be aligned on the head section.

Each spin will place a bonus in the bag, the biggest prize can be 75 – 500 times the player’s bet. Bettors can optionally choose any briefcase as the one with the biggest prize. Briefcases numbered 1 through 8 are on the left and pairs 9 through 16 are on the right side of the screen.

In short, the bigger the bet, the bigger the rewards in the briefcases to qualify for the game.

How to play Deal or No Deal Live for beginners

When the Deal or No Deal game is started, the host will open the bags one by one and indicate the number of bags removed from the game. At that time, the host will offer “BET” or “NO BET” for players to choose. There are a total of 4 rounds as follows:

How to play Deal or No Deal Live Evolution

Round 1

Randomly open 3 bags. The host will offer players to “BET” or “NO BET”:

  • If the player selects “BET”, then the bonus amount won by the player will be added to the account balance. The player will then be returned to the qualifying round.
  • If the player selects “NO BET”, the game will continue.
  • If a player does not make a selection within the allotted time, the system will default to “NO BET”.

Round 2

Randomly open 4 briefcases out of the remaining 13. The host continues to suggest players “BET” or “NO BET”. The gameplay is similar to round 1.

Round 3

Randomly open 4 briefcases out of the remaining 9 briefcases, then the host offers a “BET” or “NO BET” suggestion. The gameplay is similar to the previous 2 rounds.

Round 4 (last round)

Randomly open 3 briefcases, the last 2 briefcases stay the same. The host will give players 3 options “BET”, “NO BET” or “CHANGE BAG”:

Select “BET” to accept the offer and proceed to select the prize.

Select “DO NOT BET” and claim the prize in the bag specified by the player.

Select “CHANGE BAG” if the player believes that the prize money in the remaining briefcase will be higher.


Above is the most detailed and detailed guide on how to play Deal or No Deal Live at the prestigious W88 online bookie. With extremely attractive rewards and exciting game style, Deal or No Deal promises to bring a new gaming feeling that is completely different from the current market.

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