How to become a professional betting tipster at the bookie

How to become a betting tipster

How to become a betting tipster on football and make profitable is something that any bettors on W88 online bookie wants to achieve. The things shared by W88 experts below will help you become a world-class professional football tipster.

The Manual for professional betting tipster on W88 bookie

Anyone who is determined to succeed can become a successful betting tipster; there are no particular personality attributes needed. But if professional betting is the eventual goal, there are some qualities bettors need to possess.

Four essential requirements to become a successful football tipster shared from W88au experts are listed below:

  • Watch as many sporting events as you can
  • Enhancing your knowledge
  • Continually do research
  • Select your preferred markets.

The more wagers made on football, the more apparent it is that there is absolutely no element of luck good or bad involved. Mathematics is the foundation of everything. Throughout the season, chances and other factors fluctuate.

Picking the bets with the most value is the most important step in becoming a successful international football betting tipster. A bettor will be able to uncover value in many different ways, whether it be an underestimated favorite, an underrated underdog, or a specific market.

How do betting tipsters find valuable bets?

Never consider the odds

Although this may seem like a strange place to start, it’s preferable to perform research before looking at the odds that the bookmakers are offering because they could skew the better judgment.

Forecast the result

Determine which result is more likely. Consider which team would win the three points or advance to the next round in the WDW market.

Establish The Prediction

No one can predict the future, which is problematic from a betting standpoint. It’s critical to calculate the probability of the event occurring and express it as a percentage. For instance, the likelihood that Manchester City will defeat Fulham when the Whites visit The Etihad Stadium in the Premier League is roughly 75%.

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Decide the odds

A calculator for implied probability can be used to convert a percentage into decimal or fractional chances. For instance, 75% is 1/3 in fractional form and is represented as 1.33 in decimal form. Both of these options, as well as American odds, are available on our prediction pages.

Odds Compared To Bookmakers

Once the betting odds have been determined, compare what bookmakers are providing. Why are the bookmakers different, then? Place the wager if the computed odds are more accurate than those offered by the bookmakers, or if they are higher.

Advice for W88 aspiring football tipster

Recognize numbers

As previously stated, becoming comfortable with numbers is essential. A punter does not need to be a mathematician because the arithmetic involved is quite simple and simple to understand. It is strongly advised to understand how chances and probability function. Visit our odds article to learn more if you’re interested in odds.

Keep tabs on your betting history

Keeping track of every wager placed is a smart strategy if you want to increase your wins. This makes it possible for tipsters to keep an eye out for trends in both wins and losses, analyzing strengths and discovering potential flaws that might be usefully exploited when placing the subsequent wager. For instance:

  • Is picking the favorite or underdog more profitable?
  • Do I fare better in a certain market?
  • Do I win more often on a particular day of the week or at a particular hour?

Regulatory and Controlling

When betting, discipline and control are really crucial. When there is money involved, it is crucial to establish and abide by regulations because it is simple to get carried away. Both schedule and spending patterns may be affected by this.

The schedule will help a tipster stay focused while allocating the proper amount of time to each wager. It’s critical to avoid being cynical and angry.

Refer to the sharing of very useful betting tips that the W88 bookie expert has drawn from his experience.


Above are all the shares from the experts of W88 online bookie to guide you to become a worldwide betting tipster and be able to make a profit from betting; or someone else will hire you as a football tipster for them and then pay you.

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