What is Win Draw Win? Using Win Draw Win tips in football

Win Draw Win
Best Win Draw Win tips

In football betting there are many different types of bets that require you to master the theory of each bet type and then apply it to betting effectively. One of the types of bets with very simple content and rules is the Win Draw Win bet. In this article you will grasp the tips of applying Win Draw Win effectively and bring the fastest victory.

Overall of Win Draw Win

Win Draw Win European Handicap has originated from Western countries, this explains why it is so simple and easy to apply. Because most of us know that Western countries are associated with simplicity, generosity and especially not long and complicated lines. So creating a soccer bet is just as simple as that.

Because of this feature, betting in Europe is favored by many players not only in European countries but also with a lot of support from Asian players. According to the report, users who choose football Win Draw Win wagers require decisiveness and good judgment as they do not have a 50% easy chance to win like the Over Under, but the odds are high, up to 11.9%.

The meaning of the 1X2 symbol in a Win Draw Win bet

  • 1 (Home win): Symbol for the home team to win.
  • X (Draw): Signed two teams with a tie result.
  • 2 (Away Win): Symbol of away team to win.

How to calculate money in Win Draw Win (1×2)

The calculation of 1 × 2 bet involves 2 steps:

Step 1: Calculate the profit excluding commission. Odds x Stake = Profit

Step 2: Calculate the profit after deducting the commission. [Bet Amount x (Odds – 1)] x Commission Odds

How to play the 1 × 2 Win Draw Win effectively – Win Draw Win Tips

Besides knowing what is 1×2 betting and the rules of the game, you should also equip yourself with useful experience. To be able to win and bring some money to your pocket read the following sharing from our experts.

You must have assertiveness in each of your choices. One is the home team that wins, the other is a draw and the third is the away team win. Avoid the absence of comments, bet by the majority or according to the team you like. This is a taboo in betting and is an error that is very easy to make by beginners.

Before entering the match, you should carefully find out which team is strong, which team is weak by analyzing from the lineup, match history, injury history, confrontation history of both teams. From there, reasonable bets will be made. Ideally, you should choose teams with little difference from each other. If any team is the home team, they should choose that team because they have the upper hand. Every situation that happens in the match should be calm to handle.

You should divide the bet appropriately. Do not put all bets on a single bet. Because sometimes the house offers high odds for you to catch that trap. Good financial management not only helps you to play the game longer, but can also keep betting on a team you trust to win. Besides, you can also split the bet into many different types of bets for the same match to increase the chances of winning.

You should regularly visit the odds of many bookmakers to monitor. Because there are bookmakers coming close to the match that will change the outcome of the bet as well as the odds. Regularly updated football news and odds will give you the most objective view and correct judgment when placing a bet on your team.

Other Win – Draw – Win sports

Football is the most popular sport using the Win Draw Win. It is not, however, the only sport where this bet is available. In addition to football, Win Draw Win tips can also be applied to all team sports with a win – draw – win result at home or away. Therefore, sports such as cricket, rugby or hockey are also more popular with 1 × 2 odds these days.

Mastering the knowledge of Win Draw Win will help you easily apply to other sports quickly and bring rewards for what you spend like time analyzing the match or the money you spend to bet.


The above article betting tricks has answered you the concept of what is Win Draw Win betting. Also guide players on how to bet and some effective betting experience and how to apply through other sports games. Hopefully, after consulting the article from the W88au.net experts, you have an overview of this betting form and can be applied in practice. Thank you for reading this article!