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Both Teams To Score Tips
Play Both Teams To Score Betting Tips

Both team to score bet played when Online football betting market is increasingly popular and known by many players. There are many different types of bets that have appeared to meet the needs of players after going through the football betting guide. One of them, the Both Team To Score (BTTS) bet, is being chosen by a large number of members at online bookmakers. Join us to learn about the Both Teams to Score bets tips in the article below!

What is Both team to score bet?

Both teams to score is considered a popular side bet with fairly easy bets at all reputable bookmakers. In order for bettors to win in this bet, each team needs to score at least 1 goal or more, regardless of the score.

This bet will have 2 options, Yes or No

  • Yes: A bet that both teams will score a goal within 90 minutes of regular play.
  • No: Bet on only 1 of the 2 teams to score, the other team not to score at all.

Different from other types of bets, when betting on Both teams to score, players do not need to care about the winning team like European bets, do not need to care about the total number of goals of that match like when Over / Under bets, there is no need to care about the handicap like Asian handicap. In this type BTTS tips, players only need to pay attention to the ability of both teams to score. It is this feature that has attracted many players to choose this type to bet when watch the this betting tips today.

Bets on Both Teams to Score

Both teams scored in the first half

Both teams scored in the first half, a common occurrence in football matches. Players will have to bet in the first half whether both teams will score or not. And of course, the time of this bet is only counted in the official 45 minutes of the first half, along with extra time. This bet is quite potential because this is when the players have a lot of energy and very high attack ability.

Both teams scored in the second half

If both teams score in the 2nd half, the player’s probability of winning the bet will be higher than in the 1st half. In the 1st half, it is possible to observe the performance of both teams, along with the coach’s tactics then the second half prediction will be much more accurate. Normally, in the first half, both teams will defend a lot, then in the second half, their teams will play openly to find a goal.

Full match bets

Both teams will score the same bet, players will have to predict within 90 minutes of regular play and extra time. However, overtime results will not be counted.

How to win the Both Teams to Score bet?

With the way of betting Two teams to score mentioned above, it is clear that this is a high-risk type of bet. Therefore, the payout ratio of this type of bet will be quite high compared to other types of regular bets.

However, to win, your bet selection must be based on many different bases. Specifically, you need to know information about that match. Some important information to help you choose the correct bet can be mentioned as:

  • The offensive and defensive strength of the two teams.
  • The odds of the matches that the two teams participate in.
  • The strength of the two teams.
  • The line-up of the two teams and the tactics of the coaches.
  • Performance of both teams in the last 5 matches

Both teams to score tips for easily to win money

A simple bet does not mean you can win every bet. However, to limit losing bets, apply the following betting tips shared from the masters:

  • First of all, you need to carefully analyze the information about the team you intend to bet on. Both teams to score tips the most accurately, because readers will better understand the quality of the two teams before entering the match.
  • Players should choose Yes in the following cases: Both teams favor close attack; Historically, the two teams have always been rivals; Both teams are in the group scoring an average of over 2.5 goals per game.
  • Always follow the bookie’s bet table W88 to get the tickets with the highest odds.
  • Choose to BTTS tips ​at a reputable bookie like W88 to avoid the risk of fraud.


Hopefully the article from our football analysts has helped you understand the Both Team To Score Tips when participating in betting at bookie. We hope the above information is useful to you when you participate in betting whether you are a new player or a seasoned player. Apply the above Both Teams To Score Tips to play today and win great rewards. Good luck.