Corner Betting Tips – Learn the best football corner betting strategy

Corner Betting Tips
Learn Corner Betting Tips

There are so many types of bet when it comes to football betting, and corner bet is one of them. Understanding and using corner betting tips is one of the best ways to help you win more money. Take a few times of yours to read and master these useful tips betting in the article below.

What is Corner Bet on W88?

Corner bet is a betting form of online betting game. Players do not need to care about the score of the match, but only need to care about the number of corners in that match.

The betting method is extremely simple, so it is always chosen by many players. Moreover, the ability to win bets and help players recover their bets quickly should always attract a large number of players.

In this type of bet you will have many options for you to choose from such as: Handicap, 1×2 Corner, Over/ Under Corner, Even/Odd Corner, First Corner, Last Corner.

Most players place bets on the corner based on emotion. There are very few players who learn, read the corner statistics before each corner betting in the particular match. That’s why the winners are few and the losers are many.

How to predict corner betting correctly in football

Depending on the characteristics of each team, the corner bets are offered differently. If the two teams are tense and play very hard against each other, the probability of a corner bet is very high.

The W88 dealer will offer an Over / Under bet. Chances will be up to 10 times or less than 12 times with corners (Over 10x and Under 12x).

Pay attention to the first corner kick of the game. Usually, W88 online will offer a corner bet in the first 8 minutes of the game. Most will have the first corner kick in the first 8 minutes.

The bet that should not be selected is “The match has no corners”. This is a type of bet that must be avoided, because there is no match without a corner.

Experience playing corner bets to win

Based on the experience and skills of analyzing live matches when using corner betting strategy of W88 experts, the Premier League will have many corners. As for the Bundesliga, La Liga, there will be fewer corners.

The match where both sides have 2 strikers above and often kick in will have many corners. And the match has only 1 striker, the team kicks in the middle, there will be few goals and few corners.

Corner Betting Strategy
Learn Corner betting strategy from expert

By the 6th minute, if the first corner appears, this match is likely to have many corners taking place. And from the 10th minute onwards, without any corners, the match is expected to have few corners.

The strong team playing against the weak team will have more corners. The weak team kicking each other will have quite a few corners to take place.

In the final minutes of both halves, the number of corners will appear more due to the eagerness to score goals of the two teams.

Let’s bet on the corner when the game is played, called a running bet. Corner bets should not be placed before the match starts. Only in case the player chooses the first corner, it is necessary to bet first. According to experts from W88, players should not choose to bet before the match takes place because the match will have many unpredictable developments.

Please choose to participate in betting on corner bets in big tournaments, with a large number of betting participants, and at the same time, the two teams kicking that day must be equal in performance. Only when meeting this will help bring you the highest rewards.

How to analyze the match live

When participating in the analysis of corner bets, you should also look at the tactics that the coach offers during the game on the pitch. Most of the time, if the team has a strong attack line with excellent players, there will be more corners.

You need to watch the match live throughout. If there is a team that is dominating the goal, there will be many opportunities for corners to take place.

Advanced players will often make predictions in the minutes of the match near the end. Because at this point both teams will try their best to be able to score goals.

Conclusion from experts on corner betting tips

W88 has shared with you the experience of always winning corners from the players. Hopefully with this information, you have gained more knowledge when participating in football betting analysis and get the most accurate judgment.

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