Best Mathematical Betting Strategies – Sharing of Betting Experts

Mathematical Betting Strategies
Best Mathematical Betting Strategies

Betting is not just a game of luck, it’s also a playground of mathematical betting strategies. You cannot always win 100%, but these applicable strategies shared from W88au experts can increase your winning opportunity up to 90%. Take some time to learn then apply from now on to win more money.

Effective mathematical betting strategies

Math based betting – Parlays on W88

Many of you have heard of this this parlay betting tactic. Because this way of playing is not only applied in football, but also in many different types of betting. Due to the fact that they earn a lot of profit, many players prefer and apply this way of playing regularly to their bet tickets.

The number of bet units will depend on the capital level of each person. Here is an example of how to bet.

Parlay method in mathematical betting strategy

Let’s say 1 unit of the bet is 1$.

  • Game 1: bet 1 unit. If you lose, you lose $1.
  • Game 2: you will bet 1×2 = 2$, if you lose, you lose 2$.
  • Game 3: You bet 2×2 = 4$, if you lose 4$.
  • Game 4: You bet 4×2 = 8$. If you win, break even.
  • Game 5: You bet 8×2= 16$. If you win, double your win and get your lost money back.

Advantages of the Parlays mathematical bet

You will always profit without worrying about capital loss.

Quickly recover the previously spent capital to bet.

Disadvantages of the Parlays mathematical bet

You need to have a large amount of capital to always ensure the next round of betting.

It is advisable to plan your bets when you win to stop without getting greedy.

There should be a stop if you lose too much, not because you want to remove capital, but the more you play, the more you lose.

D’Alembert Mathematical Strategy

With the D’Alembert math betting method, players can increase from 10% to 50% of their capital.

If you maintain this mathematical ratio, you will minimize the possibility of capital loss. And if you win, you will earn huge profits. However, to play this way most effectively, the player needs a decent amount of capital.

D'Alembert method in mathematical betting strategy

Example of how to bet with D’Alembert:

  • Game 1: you will bet 10$. Losing will cost 10$.
  • Game 2: You bet 10 + 10 = 20$, lose 20$.
  • Game 3: You bet 20 + 10 = 30$, win will break even.
  • Game 4: Bet 30 + 10 = 40$, win will be 20$.

With this way of playing, you can see that even though there are 2 losses and 2 wins, only after 4 games will you make a profit of $ 20. If you know the rules of how to bet above, it is very easy to bring big money for you.

Betting on the Fibonacci Strategy

A bettor following this strategy will place a bet on the next game equal to the sum of the previous 2 games after each loss. And roll back bets equal to 2 previous matches if won.

Specifically, if you bet the 1st game is $ 10, assuming you lose 4 games in a row and win 2 games 5 and 6, then your wager for each game from 1 to 7 is as follows: $ 10, $ 10, $20, $30, $10, $20, and $30.

So after 6 games, even if you lose 4 and only win 2, you still have a profit of 20$. Especially if the 7th game you lose, you only lose $ 10, but if you continue to win, you will win up to $ 50.

Fibonacci method in mathematical betting strategy

Advantages of Fibonacci Strategy

  • Suitable for slow but steady gameplay.
  • Requires less capital than other betting methods mentioned above.
  • Safe, low risk, because no matter how much you lose, just 1-2 wins will break even, the next win will be more profitable.
  • With betting 2 steps back and 1 step forward, when you win, it will help you preserve your capital.
  • Suitable for those who are new to the game, want to practice to learn more experience to build up.

In short, there are 3 mathematical methods you need to remember to apply: Parlays, D’Alembert and Fibonacci. With the above strategies you have to split your capital. Considering the amount of capital you have is 100%, each bet unit should only be in the range of 2 – 10% of that capital.

Conclusion from W88 experts on Mathematical Betting Strategies

The above strategies all have the same principle of choosing a reasonable bet. The only difference is that each strategy requires a different amount of capital. The more capital-intensive the deal, the lower the risk.

On the contrary, the strategy with lower capital requirements is slightly more risky. Depending on your financial conditions, you can choose the appropriate strategy. Hopefully the sharing of the best mathematical tetting strategies will help readers.