What is Rake in Poker? Rake has influence on Poker players

Rake in Poker

Rake in poker is an important issue that all players need to consider at the table. While this is just a minor factor in poker, it makes a big difference between professional poker players and recreational players. Read on for an explanation of Rake in Poker from W88 experts.

What is rake in Poker?

It can be seen that Poker has a different way of playing compared to other card games. When participating, players will not play with the dealer, but will compete with other opponents who are also participating in the same game as themselves.

At this time, the casinos only act as an intermediary to organize the games. When participating in poker, each player will contribute an amount to the house and that amount is called rake. In a word, rake is a fee that players contribute to a poker casino to play.

For example, for a pot of 100$, the poker room collects 5$ and the winner of the hand will receive the remaining 95$. Most poker rooms will have their own Rake calculation structure, but usually 3-5% Rake and have a price ceiling.

The concept of rakeback in Poker on W88 online bookie

Once you have a clear understanding of what rake is in poker, you should also learn about rakeback. Rakeback is understood as when the player is refunded a part of the rake collected. In fact, poker owners do this, because they want to encourage players to play more.

Because the more players play, the more rakeback the player receives. This is considered a win-win for players. In fact, there are many players who break even on the poker table, but still make a profit thanks to rakeback.

Only a few poker casinos will give Rakeback money directly, the rest will return Rakeback to players through promotional activities including welcome bonuses, reload promotions, events and especially loyalty programs.

How does Rake affect W88 poker players?

For the winner

It can be seen that rake has a great influence on the winners. Notice that if you play poker and win a lot, the higher the rake you have to cut back to the house. However, in return when the player bets with a high amount of money, the rakeback that the player receives is quite a lot.

For the losers

If a player participates in a poker game and unfortunately loses, the player will definitely lose the entire bet amount. And there will be no charge at all. Therefore, it can be seen that rake has no effect on the losers.

The importance of rake in online poker

Rake helps the house to maintain operations and grow more and more. While for players, it is necessary to have a reputable playground to satisfy the poker passion experience. So we can see that rake is very important and necessary.

Online Poker Rake

Instead of going to traditional casinos, players now only need to access the house’s poker application on an internet-connected device from anywhere. The main house address is an online playground with a full range of games, bets as well as bet levels.

During the game, when the player wins the bet. Winnings will be transferred to the player’s member account.

Rake is considered a fee that any player must pay when participating at the house. It can be seen that compared to the convenience and perfection that players receive when experiencing the services, it is worth paying the rake fee.

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Should we care about Rake in betting?

In fact, having Rake or not doesn’t matter to a new player. Basically, they were determined to lose at the first bet. And now the amount of money lost is the same, nothing has moved.

So not many losers pay attention to this number. However, for serious poker players, Grinders, Rake is extremely important. The higher the Rake will greatly affect the amount they receive.


Above are detailed answers about what Rake is in poker. Hopefully through this article you will understand exactly about this fee. As well as choosing the most reasonable rake ratio before deciding to participate in poker.

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