The Best Keno Strategy Tips – Use 6 Keno Tips To Win Special

Keno Strategy
The Best Keno Strategy in 2021

Originating in China, Keno is one of the most popular games today at all casinos worldwide and now at W88 Online Casino. If you are a veteran in the profession or just a beginner, please follow the article below to hold these Keno Strategy and the best Keno tips to play Keno. Will definitely bring you many victories when participating in Keno casino online.

The basic types of bets you need to grasp when betting on Keno W88

One of the most shared experiences of playing Keno by many casino players is knowing the rules of the game. For money betting games like these you need to be extra careful. First, join us to learn about the types of bets and odds to avoid overbooking.

Over / Under Bet

  • Over: Under the Keno rule, the total score of all 20 balls drawn is greater than 810 wins. The ratio is 1.95.
  • Under: With the total score of 20 balls drawn less than 810, the winner will be. The ratio is 1.95.
  • Draw: With the total of 20 balls drawn exactly 810. High odds 108.

Odd / Even bet

Bet on the unit digit with an even or odd total of 20 balls, the odds for each bet will be 1.95.

  • Even bet: Win if the total is an even number than 10. Odds 2.3.
  • Odd bet: Win if the number of balls is an odd number greater than 10. Odds 2.3.
  • Draw: Wins if the numbers are even and odd with equal odds. Ratio 4.3.

Combined betting

This online Keno game rule combines the number 1 style and the number 2 type above. Accordingly, the player will have four bets of even, odd, over and under with equal odds. 3.7.

Best Keno Strategy and effective Keno Tips

Play for free first for more experience playing Keno: When you have no experience playing Keno and are not confident in using real money playing games, get acquainted with the free trial versions at W88 first. This will help players both entertain and practice the good Keno betting strategies for themselves.

Expect capital to bet: Budgeting properly for yourself is what every gamer needs to do when playing online Keno. This will help players make the right decisions and minimize the case of out of pocket when betting without a plan. Take a look and learn lessons from all the Keno games you have drawn from Keno Strategies. From there make quicker and more accurate decisions to win.

Note that you guys are just watching, not jumping in and playing Keno inertia. Arrange the amount of capital you own properly so that you don’t lose your hand right from the moment you join the fun. Only place small bets slowly or start with the minimum table bet.

Choose the right number: The experience of playing Keno helps you always win that is to choose at least a total of 4 numbers for yourself. The selected numbers must not exceed 10 numbers in the range 1 – 80. Each selection corresponds to 1 point the player placed to bet from the available capital. If you choose 10 numbers then it means that you are playing online Keno with 10 points. The system is also currently choosing 20 numbers to calculate points.

Taking the number of Keno more: your chances of winning will also be higher. This is also because when you only choose 1 number, the maximum number you can get is only 3 times the number of points you bet. When selecting 2 numbers, the chance of winning is up to 9 times your bet.

Do not put too much in the same bet: If you ask someone who has years of experience playing Keno about the stakes they will say that they don’t need high stakes, they prioritize stable stakes. Because the higher the stakes will make your chances of winning more fragile. Especially if the case loses, you will not have the capital to continue.

Psychological management when placing bets: Psychological factors greatly affect the likelihood of success. Just like playing other casino games, it’s important to keep your mindset when playing Keno. When constantly losing bets, players easily get frustrated and pour a lot of money on their next bets in hopes of getting it back. But the more you remove, the more you lose because you don’t have a conscious mind to continue playing.


The above are the best always-winning Keno betting strategies that our W88 experts have had a hard time recognizing by learning from the professional players. In order to increase your chances of winning Keno even more, in addition to the above, you should look online for all the articles betting tips best about effective Keno playing experience so that you can play your own game. I wish you luck and have much success when you watch article about Keno strategy from