The Best Basketball Betting Strategy – Advanced Basketball Tips

Basketball Betting Strategy
The Best Basketball Betting Strategy in 2021

If you love to bet on basketball and want to always have a high win rate when betting this game, then gaining experience is essential. Basketball betting has become very popular around the world and is now attracting quite a few players to bet on this category at the W88 bookie. To be successful at wagering basketball, you need to be focused enough to choose the right team and manage your finances effectively. The following basketball betting strategies will really help you.

How to bet on Basketball

From the home page of reputable betting W88 Australia, you select the “Basketball” menu bar. A list of basketball matches will be displayed in the middle of the screen for you to choose freely. Then you should apply the following basketball betting strategies to your bets.

For each event, the dealer will offer the following types of bets: handicap, over under and even – odd, participants can bet on the whole game or only place bets in the first half. In those types of bets we will explain so that players can easily understand as follows:

  • Handicap: A participant will bet on each competing team, usually one team will always be rated higher than the other and based on the odds set by the dealer.
  • Over or Under Bet: betting on whether the sum of all points scored by both teams during the entire match or only in the first half is over or under the house number indicated.
  • Odd / Even Bet: bet whether the total number of points obtained by both teams to score during the whole match or only in the first half is an even or odd number.

The best Basketball betting strategy for beginners

Acquire and update the basics: It is imperative that you have a good understanding of the basic rules and rules of basketball games. You should be familiar with the different terms and conditions used in online basketball betting. Next to that are the betting rules, points calculation and lineup analysis for each team. Lack of basic knowledge will never win you a bet in basketball.

Manage your finances effectively: Success in betting largely depends on how efficiently you manage your finances. Don’t bet every game you watch and never run out of money on a single match. Therefore, choose different matches after calculation and choose carefully to minimize the risk, improve your chances of winning.

Know your team: First, never put in a team just because you like them and are dominated by affection. Try to learn each and every possible detail about the team you intend to bet on such as lineup, injuries, new players. Also analyze the team’s game history statistics as carefully as possible, and also learn about the match history of both teams.

Don’t trust your favorite team too much: If you want to make a profit, put your favorite team aside and place a bet based on calculation and analysis. To apply the best basketball betting strategy you must calculate logic, preferably supported with solid data, don’t let your emotions overwhelm your mind.

Ignore the mass betting trend: In matches, team and position are important factors to take into account, but trends are irrelevant in basketball. Trend numbers may be informative, but they are not predictive. They will not help you accurately predict the outcome of a basketball match. They just give you a quick overview of what other players are interested in and bet on. You can look at betting trends, if only to satisfy your curiosity. But don’t rely on them as useful data.

Don’t overestimate the advantage of the home field: Most teams do better at home. They are playing in front of their fans who are cheering for them to win. Of course, home advantage does not guarantee the home team will win. In fact, home advantage is still important when betting on basketball but don’t overestimate the value of it.

Learn from experienced basketball betting: Longtime basketball bettors at w88 have their own unique tips and playing experience. You should learn from previous players, especially those who gamble basketball, from previous players. You will be very lucky if you get used to and learn from players with good basketball betting strategies.

Check lineup of 2 teams: This is a secret, not a basketball ruse. However, it will help you to make your own basketball bet more accurately and with confidence. However, many people do not pay much attention to it. When you are betting on a particular match, look at the reports on which team has an injured or absent player.


Hopefully, the article sharing about effective basketball betting strategies from the W88 experts above can help you learn more about how to play basketball professionally. If you have chosen basketball betting then please regularly update our great articles for more experience in betting as well as knowledge betting tips shared from the betting experts.