All In Poker: Explained Meaning, Rules and When to All In

All In Poker

In every Poker session there are many possibilities. When having a strong hand, many people choose All in Poker to increase the amount in the Pot. But is this the smartest choice? The following article from W88 bet will give all-in instructions in Poker to maximize profits.

What is All in Poker?

If you are a connoisseur of players, surely you cannot ignore the concept of All-in Poker. However, if you have just joined the world of Poker at W88 casino, many of you may still be quite surprised with this All-in Poker term.

Poker all in is the action where the player bets all the chips on his table into the Pot. This action occurs when the gamer finds himself in possession of the strongest hand or a hand with a high chance of winning. Many opponents will be distracted and afraid by this action, thereby choosing to fold.

Speaking of this, many gamers will surely realize, All-in is not necessarily a smart choice. Because when the opponent does not Call or Raise, the pot amount cannot be increased. And even though the player wins, the actual profit is not too much.

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All-In Poker: The Rules for Professional Players on W88

Just like any other game, if you want to be All-in you also have to follow the rules. Only then can it show professionalism, and importantly, the results will be recognized.

Poker all in

Rules for calculating All-in results when there are 2 people

Whether playing at traditional casinos or playing online at the bookie, there are always cases where a player has more money or chips than the opponent. If there are only 2 people participating in the All-in, this is not a difficult situation to deal with.

Each person can All-in all that they have even if the amount or chip is smaller than the number of raised opponents. If the All-in player wins, he gets 1 part of the pot amount based on the exact number of chips bet. The difference in chips that the opponent raised before will be refunded.

Rules for calculating All-in results when many people participate

When many players choose All-in, the calculation will be somewhat more complicated. Because the number of Chips of each person in the Pot is not the same, each player’s All-in level will be divided into different Side Pots. When comparing cards, each player will only compare each side of his pot.

All-in Poker Strategy brings high efficiency in practice

Active All-in is more accurate than others’ All-in

There are 2 ways for you to actively All-in to win the hand. It is playing to the end and comparing the scores of the cards with each other or making the opponent choose the Fold. However, there is only one way to follow All-in and win is to compare the large and small values of the cards.

Use Bluff wisely

No need to own the best cards or the strongest hands, you can still win when bluffing All-in is reasonable. The condition is that there are no key cards that make your opponent able to predict your Hand range.

All-in is cautious when you own few chips

If the financial capacity is not abundant, you should be cautious when deciding to All-in. Because it is very likely that the opponent will follow you to the end. If you win, everyone else on the table loses only a small number of chips. However, if you lose, you will be completely kicked and no longer have the opportunity to get up.


The above All in Poker instructions are compiled from the playing experience of many players. Hope you can use this technique successfully to get high profits when playing Poker. The opportunity to make money quickly is also passionate and shows talent and top notch bravery waiting for you when you come to Poker on W88.

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