Wealth Inn Slot Review: How to play and Bonus features

Wealth Inn Slot

Wealth Inn Slot is an interesting game developed and published by Habanero on online betting platforms. Currently Wealth Inn Slot is available on WW88 online bookie. This slot game review will provide you with useful information on how to play, features and payouts when participating in slot games on W88.

Overview of Wealth Inn Slot on W88

Wealth Inn slot is an online casino game with the main theme revolving around an oriental pub, where the god of fortune awaits you to receive your good fortune. The Wealth Inn slot was designed by Habanero Systems and is played on a grid screen with 3 rows, 3 reels and 8 paylines from left to right.

Slot Wealth Inn is a free slot game that is in the top trending on W88 Slots even though there are over 10,000 slot games in this category. Players can join the Wealth Inn slot for free to experience or play with real money to win real money. The mechanism of operation of the Wealth Inn slot is very simple and only has some additional features. Therefore, this slot game is really a perfect choice for anyone.

Review of Wealth Inn Slot

Bet Level, RTP Payout and Variance

This game’s return to player rate is 96.64%, which is higher than the average compared to the same slot games which are only about 96%.

How to play Wealth Inn Slot

Any player can join this slot with a minimum bet per spin of just $0.08 up to the maximum bet for professional and experienced players is $1,600 per spin.

According to reviews from slot experts from W88 online bookie, the volatility of Wealth Inn Slot is low, making it a bit less attractive compared to other slots that are also in the top trending on W88.

Symbols in the slot

The regular symbols that players will see in this slot have a total of seven symbols, including three high paying and four low paying symbols. In the Wealth Inn slot on W88, wins can only be combined when the player lands three matching symbols on one of the eight paylines.

  • The green, red, and yellow knot symbols are the lowest paying symbols as they only yield 0.25x the original bet value.
  • The green knot alone pays off 0.37 times the bet amount; Only the red knot will receive 0.62 times the bet amount. The yellow knot will help the player to collect the winnings 1 times the original bet value.
  • The high paying symbols are traditional items of Chinese culture including gold bars (2.25 times the bet amount); jade pays 3.5 times the bet amount; The peach symbol with a payout of 7.25 times the original bet is the highest symbol.

Special features of the slot

Wild symbol

This is a special symbol that can substitute for all other symbols in the grid to form winning combinations, allowing players to receive higher prizes.

Jackpot race

This is a feature where the slot game will deduct part of the player’s bet to accumulate, and the player has a chance to get this jackpot race at any point in the game if they are lucky enough. At the upper end of the reels, players will see the minimum bet they need to make to enter the jackpot race.

Wealth Inn Slot is not equipped with scatter symbols, nor free spins. According to experts, this is not a good point of this slot game, but if you win, the amount of money the player receives will be very large, so the lack of these two special features does not affect much.


If you are a fan of colorful Asian-themed slots, then Wealth Inn Slot is definitely the game you need to experience today on WW88 online bookie.

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