How to play Live Xoc Dia online, Rules of Xoc Dia at W88

Xoc Dia online
How to play Live Xoc Dia online at W88

Xoc Dia online is one of the most popular and chosen games at online casinos thanks to its simple rules, easy to grasp to play, and high – transparent win rate. In the article below, we will introduce in detail this extremely interesting game to give you an extra option every time you visit online casinos, especially at W88 online. For your information, Live Xoc Dia is originally from Vietnam. Let’s get to it now.

What is Live Xoc Dia?

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in festivals in the northern provinces of Vietnam, you are no stranger to Xoc Dia folk games. This is an attractive game with extremely simple rules of Xoc Dia at W88 so anyone can try their luck. This game is not just for entertainment, but you can earn money if you know how to play properly and use appropriate tactics.

How to play Xoc Dia online?

If you get frustrated with games that are full of headaches, then make sure you feel relaxed even when you are new to product game w88. Xoc Dia is simple from tools to rules of the game, does not require advanced analysis techniques or special knowledge, completely friendly even for new players.

The playing equipment is extremely simple: Only 4 coins with 2 sides and 1 bowl is enough to play. If participating in online Live Xoc Dia, players will not need to prepare any equipment.

Simple Game Rules

Coin faces are calculated as follows: 1 and 3 are odd and 2 and 4 are even.

The manner of the table is as follows: Dealer who is a real person will wear a black dress and will conduct a Xoc Dia online. After the Xoc is over, the dealer places it on the table and starts calculating the 15 seconds of betting time for the player. End of betting time, then about 2-3 seconds, the female dealer opens the bowl and announces the result. Winners will be paid their bonuses instantly.

What makes W88 different is that we have female dealers who are real and very beautiful. Players will be satisfied and feel extremely excited from the first moments.

There are a total of all 6 types of bets but the most common are Even or Odd: Even, Odd, 4 white, 3 white, 3 red, 4 red.

What is the secret to always winning a Live Xoc Dia?

The elements of luck and the tip and the right juggling are essentials in winning a Xoc Dia game. You can refer to some tips to play Live Xoc Dia games shared by W88 experts below.

Strategy Xoc Dia
Strategy Xoc Dia online to win

Bet on people who are gaining momentum of winning

Basically, Xoc Dia is also a game of chance and luck, but, for veteran gamblers, they know how to read the online Xoc Dia extremely well. Therefore, if someone at your table consistently wins, bet with them to increase your odds of winning.

Priority is given to placing Even or Odd over Over / Under

One of the most popular ways to win a lot of games online and confirm its effectiveness is to focus on two types of even or odd bets. The reason is because the odds of these two bets are 50/50, you only need to place one of them to win with attractive amounts without having to analyze or think too much.

Martingale bets if you are losing or winning to increase the odds

This is a secret that is only for the situation where you are constantly losing or winning. Accordingly, when you are losing consecutive, place either Even or Odd according to your expectations, then place 0.5% of your capital. If your bet is successful, continue to bet 0.5% and if you still haven’t won, double your bet by 1% on your 3rd bet. Keep doing this until you win.

This Xoc Dia online is a game like any betting game, based on perseverance and learning of the player. Therefore, you should try to explore and refer to groups or social networking sites to gain experience for yourself. In addition, you also need to learn to accept failure but not be discouraged, that way, sooner or later, success will come to you.


So we W88 have shared with you how to play Live Xoc Dia online effectively, along with the strategies you should apply to improve your odds of winning. Do not wait anymore but start playing today to accumulate experience for yourself. This is a very simple game for any player. Because of its simplicity, there are also frauds at many non-reputable bookmakers. Therefore, you should choose for yourself a reliable bookmaker like W88 Australia to participate in betting Xoc Dia online.