What is a Straight Draw in Poker? Explained now

What is a Straight Draw in Poker

Poker strategy will be applied effectively when you clearly clear the common terms of this game. There are many pitfalls that you may lose a lot of chips if you have not fully prepared. This article from W88 Online Bookie will explain to you an important term that is Straight Draw in Poker and how to play effectively when having Straight Draw cards.

What is a Straight Draw in Poker?

A Straight Draw hand is when you own four of the five cards needed to form a straight hand. According to Poker’s rules, with a Straight Draw card, you are holding two of the consecutive cards, and the other two cards are on the community cards. Or it may also be that you are holding a card that can be combined with other Community Cards on the table to form a Straight.

So how powerful is the Straight hand? Take a look at the rankings of the combinations in the poker below in order from high to low.

  • Royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Two pair
  • Pair
  • High card

Open – Ended Straight Draw in online poker

An Open – Ended Straight Draw is one of which has four connected tags that need to be achieved one of the four times at one end, or one of the four cards at the other end of the other with a total of eight outcomes. For example, if Flop down to 4S 3C and you hold 6H 5H, any deuce or Seven will complete a straight card.

Inside Straight Draw in online poker

An Inside Straight Draw is one in which there are only four to complete the draw. For example, on Flop QH 9C 5C if you hold 8D 7D, any six will complete a straight card. This hand is less valuable than an Open – Ended Straight Draw because you will only achieve half of your draw regularly.

How to play Straight Draw effectively

Straight is a strong hand, but like the flush hands, they are easily lost if the combination is not completed. Often you will only play Straight cards when discovering that your opponents have had Flush or Full House. You must always remember this when deciding whether or not to withdraw more to complete the Straight or should stop.

How to play Straight Draw in Poker

An advantage that Straight Draw in Poker has is that they are disguised easier because your opponents cannot know what you have. Especially when your opponents are in a late battle and the preflop range is their widest.

  • With a wide preflop range, each player will often have a combination of their cards that can create Straight.
  • The benefit of a strong hand is that your opponent will often think that it is difficult to hold it, making it possible for him to pay for you with a second good hand.

You also have to consider the level of aggression that is suitable for a specific opponent. If you are not very urgent, then bet and advance before you make your hands lose the chip because you almost always have fewer Equity.

The idea behind betting aggressively is hopefully your opponent will fold and be confiscated, sharing in the pot with the best hand. This approach is called Semi – Bluffing. You are bluffing because your hand is worthless in a match, but it is still likely to become a monster if you make the opponent fold. Bet on Flop, Turn and River representing a monster hand that your opponent will find the difficulty to call, and have to fold.


Hopefully, the information we share has helped you better understand Straight Draw in Poker and how to play effectively. If you want to join this game, visit the W88 Online Bookie homepage and register to become a member to have the opportunity to experience.

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