Guide and Discover the Types of Slot games to play these days

Type of Slot games

Slot games are the names of real money casino machines that have been around since the 1890s. These slot machines were invented by Charles August Fey in the US in 1894. Slot machines became popular in casinos, and more diverse formats. Let’s find out about the types of slots worth playing today at W88 online bookie.

Slot games online at W88 bookie

Currently, slot games have reached out further in the information technology age. With the explosion of online casino sites, including the prestigious W88 online, slot games have been developed extremely diversely. At W88 Slots, there are thousands of slot games provided to players.

However, the slot game at the W88 online casino is more advanced than these normal game portals. Not only the huge variety, the types of slot games are also licensed and controlled for transparency.

TOP types of slot game to play in 2023

Classic Slots

This is the first generation of Slot games with extremely simple design and rules. The rows are also not very many, usually only 3 reels and 1 row. Players only need to spin to create the same vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows according to a fixed payline to win.

Classic slots have simple designs and old-fashioned visuals, and they often inspire nostalgic punters with familiar symbols like apples, lucky sevens or bells and the word BAR.

Video Slots

This is a new slot game genre that has been released recently but has also been integrated by many bookies. With modern design, sharp interface and more effects. Especially the extremely lively sound, the extreme jackpot phase gives players the most attractive experience.

Slot games of this genre have a variety of reels and rows. There are even games with more than 100 reels and Jackpots with huge winnings. Video Slot at W88 bookie is developed by big brands such as NetEnt, Microgaming Quickfire, Betsoft, NYX, Yggdrasil, Play ‘N’ Go….

Video slots on W88 often take images from movie characters, superheroes like The Dark Knight slot, some even have stories nested in icons to make it interesting for players.

3D Slot

This is an upgraded genre from the Slot video genre combined with 3D graphics to create many eye-catching effects. Especially on the jackpot screen, there will always be beautiful images and sounds with 3D graphics.

Players seem to be lost in the world of extremely attractive slot games, and as if they are becoming characters in that slot game. However, there are very few game portals that update Slot 3D games because it is quite complicated and resource-intensive.

Mobile Slot

For those who love the jackpot game, it is certainly no stranger to this mobile slots genre. Along with the development of modern technology, now you do not need to go to big casinos to be able to play Slot games.

As long as you own a Smart device that can connect to the Internet, you can install the application on your phone and participate in the W88 online bookie slot game experience anytime, anywhere.

Progressive Slot

This slot game, also known as the progressive jackpot slot, is a types of slot machines sharing a Jackpot lottery prize. Every time you play the slot, this system will add a commission to the prize until one lucky person wins the entire jackpot.

Huge winnings will depend on the number of participants playing and accumulating bonuses since the last time the prize was distributed to the winner, but usually this number reaches millions of dollars.

Most tournaments require players to bet on all paylines and bet the highest amount to get in, so make sure you consult the rules before playing.


Above are the most worth playing types of slot games at W88 online bookie at the moment, helping you quickly make big profits from slot games. Join to explore these types of slots at W88 Slots now.