What is Over/Under 3.5 goals betting? Explain tips to players

Over/Under 3.5 goals betting
Over/Under 3.5 goals betting explained

Over/Under 3.5 goals betting are high payout bets. Players may know Over Under bets are one of the most popular bet types because of the simple way to bet and there are many bet tickets for players to choose from. Let’s find out the tips you can apply when betting Over/Under 3.5 goals from the W88 bookie.

What is the Over/Under 3.5 goals betting?

Over/Under 3.5 goals betting is a type of bet that many newcomers to betting will not know. Usually for each football match, the bookie will base on the situation to make judgments about the odds, and then give a handicap. And the stronger team handing the weaker team 3.5 goals is called Over/Under 3.5 goals betting explained.

You will win your bet if you bet correctly on the odds of Over 3.5 goals offered by the bookie, or on the odds of Under 3.5 goals from the house. And the payout rate will depend on the game, but usually the payout rate of this bet is very high.

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How to determine winning or losing when betting Over/Under 3.5 goals

  • In case the total number of goals is >= 4: Bet Over 3.5 will win and bet on Under 3.5 will lose.
  • In case of total goals = 3: Bet on Over 3.5 will lose half of the bet and bet on Under 3.5 will win half of the bet.
  • In case the total number of goals is <= 2: Bet on Over 3.5 will lose the bet and bet on Under 3.5 will win the bet.

Winning and Losing Estimates

  • If the handicap team wins the weaker team by 4 goals or more, it will win the bet.
  • The handicap team if it wins 3 goals will lose half of the bet, the weaker team will win half of the bet.
  • Handicap team if they win 2 goals or less or draw or lose the match will lose the bet.

This bet is usually offered by the bookie in matches with the appearance of 2 teams with poor attacking and defensive style, battles where the goal difference will determine the right of the 2 teams , or a derby match.

Over/Under 3.5 Goals Tips at W88 Online

Over/Under 3.5 goals tips
Over/Under 3.5 goals tips from expert

Choose the right time to bet on Over

Please wait beyond the first 10 minutes of the match if you want to bet on Over. At this time, the chance to win good odds will be higher because you can observe the situation of the match. From there, make the correct decision whether to follow the bet or not.

For matches that take place in the balance of the first half without a goal, usually the second half will appear a goal.

Keep yourself updated with the news

Over Under 3.5 goals football betting methods not only depend on the luck factor, but the ability to determine the match greatly affects the final result of the bettor. The experience of judgment and judgment will determine 50% of the player’s win rate. So always keep an eye on the odds offered at W88 Online Betting.

Don’t rush to bet on Over/ Under 3.5 goals

For new players, do not rush to bet Over/ Under 3.5 goals because you are not experienced enough to accurately judge the match. Practice observing and learning from professional players and have experienced Over / Under bets for a long time to bet with them.

Predict the course of the match

Assessing the progress of the match is the most important Over/Under 3.5 goals betting tips because the total number of goals will depend on many factors such as:

  • The importance of the match.
  • Competence correlation between 2 teams (position on league rankings, FIFA rankings)
  • Expected starting lineup.
  • The situation of the players’ performance: injuries, red cards …
  • Which team is in need of many goals to rise to the top.


Above are the football betting instructions Over/Under 3.5 goals in football drawn by W88 experts after working with many leading experts in football betting.

Hopefully through this article, those who are new to betting at W88 online will have more experience betting Over Under 3.5 goals; as well as understand what is Over 3.5 goals betting and what is Under 3.5 goals betting. The most important thing is that you are always calm, confident and constantly improving betting tips knowledge and experience to increase your chances of winning.