Money Train 2 Slot: Review, Features and Gameplay

Money Train 2 Slot

Money Train 2 Slot was developed following the success of the first installment in this series by Relax Gaming. Currently Money Train 2 slot is also available on W88 online bookie so players can continue to enjoy the fun of this slot game. The article below will provide more information about the gameplay, symbols and payouts of Money Train 2 slot.

Money Train 2 Slot Overview

With 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines, the Money Train 2 slot machine can be played. Wins are awarded when three, four, or five matching symbols appear on a payline, starting with reel one.

The range of bets each spin is between 10p and £20. To change your bet, use the + and – symbols below the reels. In some nations, you can set up to 1,000 autospins and let them run continuously. Win and loss stop limits are also available.

The RTP for The Money Train 2 is 96.4%, which is a little higher than normal. The RTP rises to 98% if you use the Buy option. A win will occur roughly every five spins due to the 19.55% hit frequency rate.

The largest win is 50,000 times your entire bet and occurs in the Money Cart Bonus feature, which has a very high variance (5 out of 5).

Money Train 2 Slot’s symbols

The symbols have been updated but still have a similar appearance. Diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades make up the low-paying cards, whereas figures in the high-paying cards have similar looks but have undergone changes to make them look more Mad Max-like.

How to play Money Train 2 Slot
How to play Money Train 2 Slot for beginners

The female payer, the green-backed sniper, a tough guy collector, and the necromancer are all present here. The stake values in this category range from 8 to 20 times. The wild, which shares the necromancer’s values, is represented by the skull with an exhaust pipe cap. Additionally, for pay line wins, it acts as a substitute for all symbols on the reels.

Special features in Money Train 2 Slot on W88 bookie

When it comes to features, Money Train 2’s core remains the same; they have simply been significantly enhanced. The original game does include a new feature that lets players accomplish two goals at once.

One, it adds some excitement to what would have otherwise been a really dull experience in Part 1. The disappointment of not landing exactly enough scatters to start the main event is lessened by doing this, too.

When two scatter symbols appear on the reels, it is known as the Respins feature and it is activated. After adding the multipliers revealed by each scatter, there is a respin. The number of respins increases by one for each spin that does not result in a win and continues until one does. The multiplier is added to the total when a winner is declared.

When three or more scatter symbols are visible, the major one, the Money Cart Bonus Round, is activated. In the bonus game, a number of symbols appear; each one reveals a value that is added to the multiplier. Some people have extra skills, for example:

  • Bonus symbol: Shows a multiplier of between 1 and 10.
  • A value of between 20x and 200x is revealed by the golden bonus symbol.
  • The value of the Payer is added to all other visible symbols.
  • All values that are visible are collected by the collector, who then adds them to his or her own value.
  • The total of all other observable values is added to the value of the collector or payer. The remaining visible symbols are then updated with the new value.
  • Sniper increases the worth of 3 to 8 additional bonus symbols by one. It can take many actions on the same symbol.
  • Necromancer: Reanimates 1 to 6 previously used symbols. This can be the Sniper, Collector, Payer, or Collector/Payer.
  • Reset Plus: Increases the spins’ initial value by 1.
  • Persistent payer: increases the value of all other symbols on subsequent spins.
  • Every subsequent spin, Persistent Sniper doubles the value of 3 to 8 symbols.
  • Every subsequent spin, the persistent collector continues to gather all further values and adds them to its own.


With better developments in the new version, Money Train 2 Slot is really successful once again and becomes a favorite slot game for many players on W88 online bookie.

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