Mad Cars Slot Review: How to play and Bonus features

Mad Cars Slot

Mad Cars slot game developed and published by Push Gaming, is an attractive 5 reel and 50 payline slot game. Currently Mad Cars is available on W88 mobile login for slot enthusiasts. The Mad Cars slot review below on how to play and bonus features will help you access the game with ease on W88 Slots.

Overview of Mad Cars Slot on W88 online bookie

Push Gaming’s Mad Cars slot has a very high RTP rate of 96.39% and the possibility of a profit up to 25,000 times the player’s initial bet. There’s only one key feature: instant cash prize cars that follow the reels to give you most of your wins.

Incidentally, when you spin this Mad Cars online game, you will see nice little cars appear at the end of the reels. Most of these small cars have a multiplier value attached to them that ranges from 1x to 10x, which is also the potential bonus that players can get. When they appear on the reels, the top reel will wake up.

How to play Mad Cars Slot

When slot players on W88 Slots place bets, these will spin and you will receive additional bonus multipliers, a gas tank symbol that moves the car up the line, or an empty symbol.

The first car to the finish line will bring you an instant cash prize to your betting account. This happens often, but as with any coefficient of variation game, it doesn’t pay as much as you might want per win, but with the potential to accumulate the prizes will also be very high.

The minimum bet to participate in this slot game is extremely low, just 0.10 bet units can participate in the attractive Mad Cars slot on the prestigious W88 online bookie.

Review of In-game bonus features of Mad Cars Slot on W88

While spinning the slot, the player can land an instant prize car symbol: At any point during the game, small and spinning cars with instant cash prizes will be awarded to the player. However, this symbol only has one per reel and always starts on the bottom row. Players can take turns to land with an initial value of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x or up to 100x.

Paytable Mad Cars Slot

At the top of the reels, when the main symbols spin, the rising symbols that can also spin include:

  • Multiplier: the player’s prize will be added by a factor of 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x or 100x
    Gas: This symbol will move the car to the front of the reels by value up on the reels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 respectively.
  • Multiplier & Gas Combo: This adds money to the car and moves it up the rows.
  • Survivor Symbol: the car with the survivor symbol will not disappear on the reels if one of the other cars goes to the top first.
  • Blank: Nothing happens on the reels.

Special bonus features of Mad Cars Slots

In addition, like other slot games, in Mad Cars Slot there are also special features:

  • Scatter Car Symbol: At any point, a special scatter car can land and act like instant win cars. The only difference is that if it reaches its peak, you will trigger the most exciting feature of the game which is the Mad Bonus Feature.
  • Crazy Bonus Feature: When the Scatter Car reaches the top row, you get 7 free spins with 5 Instant Prize car symbols on the bottom row of the reels.


Currently, the hotness of this Mad Cars at reputable online casinos like W88 is very interested. The game can also be played on compact mobile devices. However, according to W88 slot players, playing on a computer with a wide screen will bring more excitement. Join playing Mad Cars Slot today on W88 with attractive bonus features.

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