Konami Slots – Review casino games, slots from Konami at W88


If you are a fan of casino games and slot games then you must have heard of Konami. Konami is a Japanese entertainment company that produces video games, cartoons and trading cards for millions of customers around the globe. Let’s learn about Konami slots and featured games from this game publisher through an overview review from experts of W88.com online bookie.

Background of Konami slots company

The name Konami comes from the three founding members Kagemasa Kozuki, Yoshinobu Nakama and Tatsuo Miyasako who took the first two letters of their surnames to form Konami Industry Co., Ltd. in 1973.

The first coin-operated video game in 1978 was a huge hit for Konami throughout the 1980s. Frogger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Track & Field were all popular and earning games. giant for Konami. The company’s earnings grew to $300 million in 1991.

Konami decided to take the risky decision to enter the casino market in 1997 to develop some innovative casino games and SYNKROS – a casino management system for operators. Konami is currently ranked as one of the world’s leading game publishing and management companies.

About Konami slots on W88 bookie

With casino games, Konami often draws inspiration for designs from Far Eastern culture. Some slot games feature traditional symbols of neighboring China including dragons and pandas, and offer attractive prizes.

Best Konami Slots
Best Konami Slots

Below is a summary of some typical slot games and casino games that have contributed to Konami’s resounding success in the betting game market.

China Mystery

China Mystery is a slot game played according to simple, standard rules and a wide range of jackpots. The symbols in the slot game featuring Chinese characters are the most valuable symbols, followed by the golden turtle and the typical Chinese lantern symbol which are also the high paying symbols.

When a player lands a woman on the reels, it is lucky because they land the wild symbol and have a chance to trigger the bonus spin for more profits. The special feature of this slot game is Quick Strike which helps W88 bookie players get one of two progressive jackpots.

China Shores and Imperial Wealth are also two other Konami slot machines that are inspired by the design and release based on the Asian cultural theme.

Golden Wolves

Golden Wolves is a slot game by Konami but has a different style from the Asian inspired slots. The main setting in this slot game is a rocky backdrop of a mountain range. The wild symbol in the game is just like its name – the Wolf; This Wolf symbol will trigger free spins if it lands along with the free spins symbol.

Golden Wolves does not have any other bonus rounds as this is said by Konami to be a basic slot game, with a relatively easy way to play for new players to slot machines.

Astronomical Magic

Astronomical Magic is a Konami online slot for those who love getting free spins. Astronomical Magic gives you the chance to win up to 88 free spins.

In the Lucky Frame game in the Astronomical Magic slot, W88au players can get a stacked symbol. This stacked symbol can trigger 8, 18 or up to 88 free spins by landing three sun symbols.

Other Casino Games

With strong growth in iGaming, Konami is a leader specializing in two areas: online slots and land-based casino slots.

Besides constantly developing new features for slot games, Konami also innovates with classic slot machines like Celestial Riches with 3×4 reel setup and 576 paylines. Currently, RNG table games and live slots are not included in the company’s growing portfolio.


With a long history of development and success in the casino and slot games market, the list of games released by Konami is always at the top of the search for famous bookies. Currently, players can play the above popular Konami games on W88 bookie, along with more than 30 other attractive titles from Konami slots.

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