How to play Red Dog Poker card game online

Red Dog Poker

Red Dog poker is a game that has just appeared after other attractive card games, but has now entered the top 3D games that are most loved by many players at online bookie. In this article, experts from W88 will share with you how to play Red Dog poker effectively.

About Red Dog Poker on W88

Red Dog poker is known as a new entertainment card game that has emerged and attracted a large number of players in recent years at W88 bookie.

According to a general opinion from W88 experts, Red dog has a fairly simple way of playing and rules with a Poker deck. To win when participating in the game is also quite easy, these are also the reasons that this game is attracting a lot of players in the betting market today even though it has just appeared.

The number of bets in Red dog will be unlimited, players can choose, but should consider their capital to be the most appropriate.

Red Dog Poker Rules

This game will use 6 Poker decks, not including the Joker card. At the beginning of each hand, one card will be discarded. Then, each player will be a hand and the system or Dealer will deal 2 random cards to each hand in a clockwise direction.

The player’s task is to place a bet before being dealt 2 cards, next the player will guess whether the 3rd card has a large or small value within the first 2 cards dealt or not. Specifically:

How to play Red Dog Poker

Pair: The dealer deals 2 cards of the same value

  • In this case, the bet will be stopped, then the dealer will automatically add a 3rd card. If this card has the same score as the first 2 cards, the player wins the bet and is paid out at the ratio 1:1.
  • If the 3rd card has a different score than the first 2 cards, the player and the dealer tie, the player will be automatically refunded the bet.

Scores in a row (consecutive)

This is the case when the first 2 cards are dealt to the player with consecutive scores. For example, card number 4 and number 5. At that time, the dealer will not be given the 3rd card and the game results in a tie, the player will be automatically refunded the bet by the system.

Scores are not consecutive

If the first 2 cards of the dealer do not fall into the above 2 cases, the dealer will turn over the cards and announce the score difference of those 2 cards.

For example: The first 2 cards are 3 and J, so the difference in score is 7 points. Because 3 to J is 7 points apart (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

After the dealer announces, the player can choose to bet more before the 3rd card is dealt. When the betting time expires, the dealer will deal a 3rd card.

If the 3rd card is within range of the first 2 cards, the player wins. If the score of the 3rd card matches 1 of the first 2 cards, the dealer wins.

How to calculate the score of cards in Red dog Poker

Cards from 2 to 10 have a score corresponding to the card.

Cards J, Q, K: are counted in the order of 11 points, 12 points, 13 points.

Ace – 14 points.

Card 2 will be considered the lowest value card, the Ace will be considered the highest value.

Read Dog poker experience

Understand the rules of the game: Each game will have a different way of playing, before participating, if players take the time to learn and study the rules of the game, how to play, they will know how to apply playing methods to make sure they win.

Know when to stop: When you have a plan to play a certain amount until the end of the game, whether the result is won or lost, you must know when to stop.


Hopefully, through the above article, it will help readers understand how to play Red Dog poker at W88 online bookie. Good luck with your betting choices.

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