Money Blast W88 – How to play Money Blast W88 game to win

Money Blast W88
How to play Money Blast W88 for beginners

Money Blast is currently present at most online casinos in the world and attracts a large number of gamers to participate today. However, not everyone knows how to play and can play effectively. So read the following betting product article of our to receive the most specific and detailed instructions on how to play Money Blast game.

About Money Blast

Money Blast is a game developed by W88 homepage in conjunction with NPH Gameplay Interactive. Money Blast W88 is an online arcade game similar to racing, with 6 rockets at each race and side bets including humans and demons.

Bet in 20 seconds.

How to play Money Blast at W88

When players start participating in a race, the first thing that gamers need to do will be to participate in predicting which rocket will lead to the finish line at that lap.

The player then proceeds to place a bet on one of the 6 rockets or before the betting period ends.

How to play Money Blast W88

The race will be officially started after the end of the betting period.

The player will win when the race ends and the bet result and the turn result are the same, and vice versa, the bet result is different from the race result, the player will lose.

For example: A player makes a bet on rocket number 5 with a stake of $100. When the result is rocket 5, that means you win $500 = $100 x 5.

Types of bets at Money Blast

Coming to Money Blast W88, players will be exposed to many different types of bets, including the following extremely attractive bet types:

Bet on separate rockets

Each round will have 6 rockets competing against each other marked from 1 to 6. Corresponding to it are 6 different colors: yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue. At this time, the player will only be able to bet on a certain bet.

If you predict which rocket will reach the finish line first and the result is correct, you will win.

The odds of winning for each of the same players is 1:5. To increase the chances of winning, people can use the accompanying support features such as:

  • Acceleration: Acceleration for rockets
  • Meteor: Reduce rocket speed
  • Lucky Star: The rewards for lucky rockets are exponential. If you hit the lucky star, you will receive the rewards multiplied by the specified exponential: x2, x3, x4, x5, x8, x10, x20, x30.
  • Star of Hope: Rewards for some or all lucky rockets that receive exponential regulation, x2, x3, or x5.

Bet on Human or Demons

In addition to betting on rockets, players can also bet on extra time between demons and humans. If the result comes up with your choice then you win. The player’s odds of winning are 50/50.

Note: If the result appears to be a meteor shower, you will lose your bet. In addition, if you choose to bet on either humans or demons, at the same time, choose to bet on rockets, the chance of winning is 150x. Extremely attractive.

Support buttons

When participating in the game Money Blast, people can use some support buttons such as:

  • Cancel: Cancel the bet.
  • Re-bet: Bet on another selection.
  • History: Review the history of bets.
  • Result: Review the results of previous games.
  • Report: Statistics of wins, losses or total bets.
  • Game rules: Provide information and instructions on how to play Money Blast at W88 W
    Sound: Turn on/off the sound.

Why play Money Blast at W88?

When participating in playing Money Blast at the W88 bookmakers, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Money Blast at the bookmaker has an eye-catching, colorful design interface, vivid quality graphics, and authentic sound. Bringing a perfect experience for you on every Money Blast track.
  • Easily register a new member account.
  • Participating information is guaranteed with high confidentiality.
  • Easy payment in many different forms.
  • Money Blast at the bookmaker can be experienced on any device. Includes Android and iOS.


Above is a summary of information on how to play Money Blast game at W88. Thereby, it can be seen that this is an interesting and attractive game with a high chance of winning.

Hopefully, this game will help you get moments of comfortable entertainment. Along with that is the opportunity to bring home attractive prizes and victories for yourself. Wish you luck.

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