Darts Betting Guide – Learn Darts Betting Tips and Strategies

Darts Betting Guide
Learning Darts Betting Guide for beginners

Darts is a sport quite familiar to everyone. Was born in the early fourteenth century and was derived from many soldiers in England. Up to now, darts has also been popular all over the world and has also been included as a type of pastime for many people. And now you can bet on darts on the W88 website. Let’s find out together.

Introduction to Darts betting on W88 online

Darts betting has always attracted many players worldwide. To be able to win many victories and bring in a lot of super profits for ourselves from this darts game, we first need to learn how to play darts betting guide.

Darts are roughly understood as using a dart on a wooden board, on that wooden board there will be concentric circles called Dartboard. Darts also require a lot of technique and difficult skills, and the ability to imagine the flight of darts is really good.

Types of Darts betting

To play darts on W88 online betting, it is currently mainly popular because there are 3 different types of bets that are:

Handicap betting

You also just need to predict the team that will win this darts match or round with the handicaps that their house has given them.

Moneyline betting

In this type of bet, the bettor will choose to bet on the dart player who will win the match, if the prediction is correct, the bettor will win an amount equal to the amount multiplied by the odds.

Over/Under betting

You will also receive a given number of the house and your job to predict is to guess whether the set/game number is above or below the given numbers. If that match is suddenly stopped, the results are decided when the set/game is most likely to have been scored.

Even/Odd Betting

That is, you have to predict whether when the match is over, the set/game will be even or odd numbers.

Winner bets

Usually, darts matches only have 2 participants, so the selection of who wins is 50 – 50. This bet is simply placing money on the name that you most expect to win and if If the final result is exactly as predicted, the bettor will win.

In-Play Betting

This is the form of players placing bets while the match is in progress. The odds are constantly changing during the game, making this type of bet attractive to many players because of its fierce competition.

Spread betting

In a tournament there will be changes such as the number of rounds, the number of darts thrown, or the odds. Players rely on predictions to bet on whether changes will happen.

Outright betting

Usually, darts matches only have 2 participants, so the selection of who wins is 50 – 50. This bet is simply placing money on the name that you most expect to win and if If the final result is exactly as predicted, the bettor will win.

Darts betting rules on W88

When participating in betting on this novel and stimulating dart sport game, you need to understand the following rules and regulations at product to bet:

  • The final decision is made by the referee during the game. If changes are made after the match time and affect the results, they cannot be used as a basis for betting.
  • In matches where a player retires or is disqualified, all bets will be void.
  • The match that is delayed more than 12 hours will also be canceled and refunded to the player.
  • If the match starts earlier than scheduled and ends early, then bets placed after the match has stopped will not count.
  • Players have the right to place multiple bets.

How to calculate points in darts bets

Scoring in darts is also very simple. The player will reach 100 points and have a good chance of winning when the dart hits the scarlet. The wooden circle will have 4 colors: red, black, white and blue. Darts hit different colored areas, the score is also different:

  • Blue – get 50 points
  • Red – get 30 points
  • White – 20 points
  • Black – no point

With a lot of bets offered, but in general, the formula for calculating the bet bet is very simple.

Winnings = Darts Odds x Bets

For example: Bet $100 on Michael van Gerwen to win, and if the result is correct, then we win 100 x 2.60 = $260.

How to calculate points in darts bets

Darts betting strategy and tips from W88 experts

Compared to many sports betting games, darts bets are much simpler. However, if you want to earn money from the house, you still need some good strategies as follows:

  • Be sure to know the information of 2 players to know the strength of each side.
  • Prioritize betting on high-class players and are in top form.
  • Choose the big games.
  • Choose a reputable bookie like W88 to receive fair rewards and more bets.
  • Watching the match while placing bets will be the most accurate.

In addition, keeping calm, playing strategically and using good stakes will increase your chances of winning continuously in each match rather than playing impromptu.


Playing darts betting will become extremely simple and easy if you apply the above formulas to each match together. Although this is not a very popular game the darts betting guide have a high probability of winning are still a suggestion that should not be ignored at the bookmaker.