How to play Fishing God online and win real money at casino

Fishing God online

Among the three most popular and popular fishing games at W88 online bookie, Fishing God is highly appreciated by bettors for prizes. What makes this game different? How to enter the fishing world of Fishing God? Find the answer through this article of W88 online bookie.

Fishing God slot game overview

Fishing God game is one of the extremely attractive bonus game genres that many people participate in at W88 bookie. When you experience Fishing God, you will have the opportunity to try different levels of shooting fish. Besides, you also enjoy the wonderful entertainment moments that the game brings.

In W88, Fishing God online is designed with a very nice graphic interface and lively sound and is suitable for each level of the game.

When you come to this slot game, you will be familiar with professional shooting guns. If the level of your gun is higher, your power increases with the level. You will experience the battle to find and kill fish in the ocean. The more fish you kill, the bigger your gold coins will be.

How to play Fishing God game

In particular, after finishing each game, you need to kill the fish god. Thus, new players can go through the table and immediately receive the largest amount of gold possible.

When experiencing the Fishing God slot at W88 bookie, you will not have to worry about network lag or shock. The reason is that the publisher of this slot game has provided the best Server for players to experience.

Basic levels of play in the Fishing God

Coming to the Fishing God slot, you will discover all kinds of sea creatures for god fishing. Your task is to shoot down any fish to score an instant prize.

With the game Fishing god, there are usually three different game levels and from low to high. First of all, the player needs to choose the difficulty level of the game and in it set your bet limit:

  • Junior, ie subordinates: level from 0.01 to 1 credit
  • Expert, i.e. expert: level from 0.1 to 5 credits
  • Godlike, ie divine: level from 1 to 10 credits

Fishes in Fishing God Game

Ordinary fish

Including 25 types such as: flying fish, clown fish, swordfish, turtle, jellyfish, whale, dragon, etc. The bonus levels range from x2 to x888.

Paytable in the game Fishing God online

Special fish (boss)

There are 8 types with different bonuses and effects. Specifically:

  • Laser crab: bonus 120 times. When catching fish, the player will receive extra wide-range cannons that fire at fish that go in a straight direction.
  • Drill Crab: bonus x120 times and the person who shoots will receive an extra drill with the ability to shoot fish swimming across the lake until it disappears.
  • Crab Bomb: bonus x120 times. When caught, the bomb on his back will explode and catch fish in the nearby area.
  • Crab Cake: give up to 300 times the bonus.
  • Jellyfish: give x120 times bonus. When caught, it will generate electricity to randomly shoot at surrounding fish.
  • Firestorm: grants 60-100 ammo in quick fire mode and ends when it runs out of ammo.
    Lucky bag of gold: receive rewards up to 200 times. You can choose 1 lucky bag from the treasure chest when you catch the gold bag.
  • Dragon King’s Treasure: This is a boss that requires a combination of players to catch and give rewards x10 to x300 times.

How to shoot Fishing God very effectively at W88 bookie

Small fish – should not be missed

Usually, the small fish will be worth small gold coins. However, this fish is very easy to defeat. Therefore, if you are new to the Fishing God slot game, you should focus mainly on shooting small fish. Besides, you should also use guns with low ammo levels.

Point the gun and shoot the fish in the head

In case the player wants to put all his energy into defeating the big fish to get more money, he needs to focus the gun on the position of the fish’s head. From there, the fish will die more easily than if you just shoot at the fish body.


In today’s article, you have learned some detailed information about the Fishing God game game at W88 online bookie. Hope you can equip yourself with a lot of interesting knowledge to shoot fish game and win a lot of money!

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